Friday, April 17, 2009

Living in the Past: Rocky Raccoon 50 mile 2009

This past week I was really excited to finally recieve my copy of UltraRunning Magazine. Friends had alluded to a picture in the magazine including one of me! When I finally got my magazine (seriously I think I could have run to the distributer faster then the US Postal system got this mail to me) I saw my picture.

I think it is pretty good. Although my husband commented that I should be looking up and paying attention to the picture. I informed my husband that if I did look up, this picture would be labeled "Tammy Massie: Face Plant #1" or "Tammy Massie earning a 0 for technical merit, composition and artistic impression on her Fall".

I did really enjoy Rocky Raccoon and am ready to sign up for next year. But before I do that, I probably am going to sign up for Javalina 100 mile. I have so many friends doing this race, heard many really great things about it, there is a state high point right by the course (which benefits my husband and his climbing) and of course my calendar is free the weekend of Oct 31rst!

So far the endorphins of my Umstead 100 mile have not abated and I have already signed up for a marathon one week after VT100 mile (although it has a 24 hour time limit), I signed up for a 50 km two weeks after VT100 and if I could send in my check now for Javalina, it would be in the mail!


Brian said...

Very cool, Tammy! I will have to bring a copy for you to sign next month in Delaware.


Runner Tammy said...

Hi there Brian,

Your comment makes me feel like a star!

Unless the weather is really bizzare (super cold or rainy) at Delaware I will be dressed just like my picture.

See you in just over a month (there's adequate time to cram for our marathon in the next 4 weeks, right? Because I really haven't run much since Umstead:-)