Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Umstead 100 mile run: What's in my fanny pack?? Pictures of my 100 mile hitch-hikers

This is my fanny pack after the race. What you may notice is that the section above my number is so filled it is bursting with a plastic bag visible (I pack most of my stuff in ziplocs in case of rain and to prevent me from losing small items). This is how my fanny pack spent the entire race. Below you can see what my fanny pack was filled with. It is kind of depressing that I carried about 2 lbs of stuff (excluding my water bottle which frequently was at least half full upon arriving at aid stations!)

In this picture you can see everything that took a 100 mile journey with me (the only thing I used from my fanny pack was about 8 pepto's, 2 immodium, 6 advils and my headlamp, which I really only needed the first portion of the first lap and then laps 6-8). The one item missing from this picture is my camera. My camera (an Olympus 1030SW waterproof camera) spent the first 62.5 miles with me as well as my last lap for a total trip of 75 miles.
I shared a bit of some stuff in my fanny pack with other runners but mostly they were small items such as toilet paper (that was a big hit!), advil, and pepto.
The item I am most depressed about taking the entire journey is my 2 marathon bars. Realistically I know there are adequate aid stations (every 5.5 or 7 miles there is a main aid station and about every 3 miles within these main aid stations, there is a small aid station with a cache of food). I also wonder why I carried my Ipod Shuffle 100 miles. I never put it on, nor was I ever quite alone enough to justify putting it on (I guess one could say I run 100 milers for the social scene:-). Finally my camera batteries were pretty heavy.
Granted I took alot of pictures so it was better to have too many batteries rather then run out and have to ration my pictures but alas it was a bummer that this weighty little item was never used.
In fact I just learned I took over 700 pictures throughout the race. I forgot mid-way through my race, I swapped camera's inadvertantly with Tristan. This means I have "camera 1" and "camera 2" pictures from this race. And of course this excludes the hundred or so pictures from before and after the race.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

100 miles?

If I run that in a month, sister, it's a good month.

Why must you emasculate me?

Man, I used to think Nic over at Left. Right. Repeat was insane for running 50-milers!

Not to worry. I still thinks so.

YOU'RE just insaner.

100 miles! Congrats, sister. I need a nap.

Runner Tammy said...

Thanks--nice to know I am in your "insaner" grouping. But in my defense there were about 130 other folks doing the 100 mile and the peer pressure was awful.

In retrospect these are the kinds of people my parents warned me about as a kid, but I thought I was better than the pressure...clearly I run with the "wrong" crowd:-)

Well, now I need a need a beer and a nap!


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

A beer and a nap!


I'm in lurrrrve ...

nwgdc said...

Hello fellow "Insaner Member!"

My dream has always been to run Western States, and that's how the 50 miler started. Unfortunately, my wife is eerily similar to Glaven and not real fond of the idea. And she wants kids. Yesterday. So things aren't looking good.

Anyway, I'm glad Glaven pointed out your site! It's fun to follow along!

Runner Tammy said...

Hi there NWDGC,

A pleasure to e-meet you. Perhaps we shall meet in a 50 miler:-)

I suggest you get your wife into a hard core activity then you can barter running endurance events.

My husband is into mountaineering, thus we can negotiate mountaineering trips with running trips. And our respective sports provide us cross training (well except you will NEVER see me on the top of a major mountain or on a volcano because I am way smarter than that!)

One day perhaps my husband and I will have kids but for the time being I am learning all sorts of great parenting tips in preparation from Marcy, JoyRun, Glaven, etc... I am a feeling a parent of the year award in my future!