Sunday, November 30, 2008

Critters and yucky weather

Sagwa begging for some turkey day treats! Sagwa loves people food and will sit and meow pitifully until we feed her. Because we are suckers, it takes about 2 mew's before she gets some treats.
Powder Puff scolding us for some reason (I think because we are not giving out lots of tasty Thanksgiving Day leftovers). Puffi is a very amusing and yet demanding cat. I would suggest she is the decision maker in our household (which several telemarketers may be able to attest to since we will put the reciever to her ear when they call and ask for Mr or Ms. Massie---Tristan and I are both Dr. Massie, so Puffie fits Ms. Massie--and she rules our household:-)

Yesterday Tristan and I went for a small hike at Lake Frank in Rockville MD (one town over from where we live). Lake Frank is part of the Rock Creek Park system which starts at Lake Needwood, goes by the National Zoo and ends at the Potomac River in Georgetown. It was a beautiful day Saturday.

Today, the weather is miserable. It is rainy, about 35-40 degrees and gloomy. On a positive note, I was able to change out my summer and winter cloths. Now I just have to hope that it is not 70 or 80 degree's in the near future. Although I did keep out some warm weather clothing (and even packed some) for our upcoming trips to
*Death Valley/Las Vegas Marathon
*Disney Goofy Marathon
*Arizona Rock n Roll Marathon and
*Mardi Gras Marathon.
I am optimistic all of these marathons will be run in 60 or 70 degree temperatures!


CTmarathoner said...

love the critter photos! Funny, my long haired black and white cat was begging for turkey tonight--but if I give her some she doesn't let me alone...hope you are recovering from JFK and getting ready for your double. You will be fine. Am very jealous that you might see 70 degree weather. I see Frank finally left a comment!! It was rainy and miserable here --he and Rob (my VT pacer) ran in a 15K in the woods --LOL -
are you and Tristan Dr.s???PhDs?

Runner Tammy said...

Hi Emmy,

Our cat Sagwa does not leave us alone until she gets her fill of whatever we are eating. She really likes Turkey, Deli Meats and LOVES asian pears! We get her an asian pear about once every month or two.

I am guessing you did not run the 15 km race in the move.

Tristan and I are PhD's. We met in grad school at Medical College of Virginia (which I think has been renamed) while earning our PhD's in Biostatistics. Now we are public servants trying to keep drugs (Tristan) and vaccines (me) safe and effective for the American Public Health:-)