Thursday, November 6, 2008

Vermont 100 miler bound!

I have continued my quest to sign up for endurance events and am now enrolled in Vermont 100 in 2009. I even signed up for the hotel. I considered the Yankee Village Inn but decided the Super 8 in White River Junction was a better choice (we stayed at both hotels this summer and if you want a clear idea of the Yankee Village check out Anthony's post at, I think he gives the motel an accurate and humorous assement).

Now I just have to make it through JFK50 later this month, a double marathon in one weekend (Death Valley and Las Vegas) in December and Umstead 100 in April:-). Of course I have a bunch of "training" marathons as well.

I am excited to go back to Vermont 100. I now know what to expect and have fired my crew-Tristan. Actually having run this race this past July, I know I can easily manage with only drop bags and their provided pacers.

Happy Running!

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