Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A few stories: A proposition I may have made at MCM and my Diet Mtn Dew soft drink addiction

Today it is raining. I do not feel like running. It is a free country (for which I am very grateful), so I am not running!

But with my extra 2 hours I can blog a few episodes from my life.

Several weeks ago I ran the Marine Corps Marathon. It was a great race on a picture perfect day. After I finished and caught up with Tristan at mile 25.5 (best place to meet family/spectators), we walked the course backwards a bit to stretch my legs and cheer on runners and my friends.

As we were walking backwards, the gentleman who took my picture at Haines points came along with his sister. I said "Hello" and "Way to go" (or some other cheerful running encouraging statement). Tristan asked why I said "Hello"? I mentioned that this was my friend from Haines point and told Tristan about the picture and that he was running with his sister who was running her first marathon. The gentleman was dressed in khaki shorts and a t-shirt.

Tristan asked increduously, "Was he running the marathon?" I replied "Yes, I think he was." Tristan said, "in that outfit?". I replied again, "Yes, I think he was." Now this is where the conversation goes horrible wrong.

Tristan says, "When I dress like that when I run, you haze me". I do not haze him, I mock him...openly. On occasion, Tristan wears black knee socks with running shorts and shirts. In fact on ocassion he can be the poster child of "What not to wear!" He deserves this mocking!

Getting back to my story.

I reply, "I haze you?" I am a bit puzzled, so I try to clarify what hazing means (hey the communication courses at work are kicking in, yipee!). Considering the word hazing, I think of a fraternity or the movie "Animal house".

I continue by saying, "Do you mean I tell you to bend over and drop your pants and spank you?"

A runner from the race chimes in, "If that's how you it to go down that's okay, I kind of have a race to finish, but it can wait"

I love this guy!! Who cares that he just eavesdropped on my conversation! Sadly, I am too slow to respond.

So, now I am curious if there is another blog out there referencing this incident. I imagine this blog would be similar to:


I was running MCM this past weekend. It was a tough race on a very nice day. I struggled through those last miles but at mile 25.5 something crazy happened...this lady propositioned me. The conversation went something like this:

Me: "huff, puff, huff, puff"
Lady on course: "You should drop your pants and I'll spank you"
Me: "okay if that's how you want this to go down"
Lady: mumbles something unintelligible

I continue running to the finish puzzled about what prompted this lady to proposition me. A part of me looked forward to the spanking but a part of me was a bit apprehensive...if I really had to bend over for the spanking, I was not convinced I could get back up. And that lady, she looked tough (okay this portion is a bit of artistic liberty on my part:-)

So if any of you see report, tell the guy I am really sorry!

Okay, now for my second story. As you may know I am addicted to Diet Mountain Dew. I pound it on race mornings and drink several cans nearly every day. About 2 months ago I tried to cut back (I have a medical officer friend who has tried to run an know it's bad when co-workers are telling you you have a problem...well, actually they tell me I have a bunch of problems including: Hostess Snoballs, Diet Mountain Dew, Donuts and the mother of all addictions: RUNNING). But sadly after this moderate reduction, I had to go cold turkey a few weeks ago when I went to Slovenia (the big drawback of going to International places is the lack of availability of Diet Mountain Dew). Recently I told her proudly of my Diet Mountain Dew sabbatical.

Well, yesterday in preparation for voting I drank a full 2 litter bottle of Diet Mountain Dew. This may have contributed to my excessive triathlon signing up yesterday! Well, today after this major bender, I was back to 3 cans of Diet Mountain Dew. But I did have a big headache today. Perhaps this is my penance for this over-indulgence:-)

I hope you found these stories as amusing as I found living them.

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