Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving 2008! (& a few more JFK 50 miler pictures)

A few more JFK 50 miler pictures and a time to give Thanks!

Gliding my feet (because I don't have winter Drymax socks...actually I am not sure if they make maximum protection socks for winter)

Diet Mountain Dew, the Beverage of Champions, right?? Mountain Dew really should sponsor me because I pound this stuff like a champ!
Excited(?) about Weverton cliffs...okay not very excited about the prospect of the cliffs, but excited that they signify the end of the AT! And I have not fallen, Wahoo!!!

With the Bridge by Harpers Ferry. What a pretty day for a 50 miler (well at least at this time...pretty quickly the winds really picked up and clouds came in. But on a positive note, it never rained, hailed or lighteninged!)

Runners along the road heading into Williamsport. Again it is a really beautiful day and the sunset was spectacular. All it needed was to be about 40 degree's warmer and less wind and I would have been REALLY happy!

It's Thanksgiving and because I just ran the 50 miler I can eat whatever I want today!

To start my day, I volunteered at the Bethesda Turkey Chase. I pondered participating in the 2 mile walk or the 10 km run, but decided to simply volunteer then walk the course backwards cheering runners. I had a cowbell and gave the runners what they wanted (More Cowbell!) After walking 2 miles backwards on the course cheering on runners I was happy when I saw the volunteer bus picking up course marshalls--I wimped out and took it back.

After finishing volunteering/cheering, I met up with Tristan and Gilligan at the Fractured Prune for hot donuts. We got a dozen , YUM!

And that starts my list of things I am thankful for:
1) Hot Donuts, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream and Potbellies Ice Cream Sandwiches
2) A great family
3) Sweet critters (who are well behaved most of the time:-) By the way, I don't mean sweet=tasty!!!!
4) My health including the ability to run for distances I cannot even imagine
5) Many great friends
6) Lots of laughter (and reasons to laugh)
7) That I didn't get killed by lightening in the Vermont 100!
8) To live in a country where I am free and can participate in the political process
9) A roof over my head, food on my plate and everything I might need in life
Happy Thanksgiving!


Jamie Donaldson said...

Happy Thanksgiving Tammy! BTW--is that a lei in one of the pictures? :)!

CTmarathoner said...

Tammy --happy thanksgiving. Do you really like diet mountain dew???
Frank said he was going to comment on of your many well -written JFK entries:))), so he better. --I ran the local Turkey Trot this a.m. -also wanted to let you know that i volunteered at the local cat going to put some of their photos on my blog and will be thankful if some get adopted. It makes me so sad...2 of mine came from the same shelter!

Runner Tammy said...

Hi Jamie,

Happy Thanksgiving...yes, it is a lei, I tend to wear them in about 70% of my races (not 100 miler's and sometimes I forget my lei at home). Alot of times my lei's end up in disarray. For example in my profile picture from Disney Marathon I have a lei on but is has twirled behind me so it is right next to my neck and thus may look like a necklace. This is how I knew about the plastic bits that can be a bit irritating. Maybe one day I will run with a grass skirt although bits of a grass skirt in underpants does not sound like fun:-) Although I have to fess up, sometimes my sparkley fanny packs belt end gets under my underpants. In marathons I am smart enough to check for this and addess it quickly but in Vermont I sucessfully gave myself a hot spot by not checking my wardrobe at night. In my defense I was in a hurry to get my clothing up because there were attach mosquitos sucking out pints and gallons of blood from any exposed skin!

Hi Emmy,

Happy Thanksgiving as well. I LOVE Diet Mountain Dew. I had to go cold turkey when I was in Slovenia for a week in Oct and was ready to have Tristan FedEx me some! I am pathetic.

I saw your pictures on Frank's blog from today's turkey trot. You are a champ! I decided to skip this mornings race because of Death Valley/Las Vegas Marathon next weekend (I know this is a lame excuse...I should be ashamed of myself!)

It is so sweet that you are volunteering at a cat shelter. I know the cats appreciate your companionship and care. You should bring home a cat a day! I love your cats, they are really cute. Tarzan looks like a cat I had until a few years ago, Pepsi.

I will anxiously await Franks comment. I hope he can get into JFK 50 next year. I really like it. It is really well run and such a great race. I think it is neat to have hundreds of runners from the 7 a.m. start pass me which means I really am not alone much (at VT 100 I was alone about 30% of the time)

It's time for me to sleep off my Turkey dinner:-)


rundangerously said...

hi tammy!

i loved your report and photos were awesome! i told emmy that the other day. it actually came up when i asked her how come you and she (and susan) never hooked up down there!

at my first jfk i couldn't find anyone that i knew during the race. and some of my wtc members were down there at the time! will probably sign up for 09.

think it's awesome you're doing death valley (to preview badwater i hope :D) and las vegas - what a "cool" double!