Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More Pictures from JKF 50

Here are more pictures from my JFK 50 miler adventure!
Taking a moment to enjoy an aid station. But boy, do I look COLD! The beverage I am holding is likely to have either a sheen of ice on the top or the beverage probably has a consistency of a slurpee. Next year perhaps I will bring some Turkey with me on the run (Wild Turkey that is)
Cindy sure is bundled up isn't she? Just so you know, my Reston Runners T-shirt was down most of the time, but at aid stations I had to put my 2 outer gloves in my pocket. This entailed exposing my midrife (well it would have had it not been below freezing!)

With my friend from the Coast Guard who I ran this with several years ago. He is such a great guy! I consider this race a reunion of sorts with him and several others from the Coast Guard!
With my friend/fellow runner Marcy (last year Cindy and Imelda crewed for both her and I). She is really fast (well at least compared to me)

With Anne Lundblad, last years top female finisher! This year she did not run because of coming off an injury but she supported her husband who came in first. She is really nice!

NOTE: I think in the future I need to ask the people who are taking my picture if I look presentable. Nearly every picture of me has some component that could land me on the front page of the Enquirer with the caption "What not to wear!" In my defense with the sub-arctic temperatures I was barely comfortable during much of the race and at several points I was freezing.

My husband and I used to watch this cable show "Man vs. Wild" on the Discover Channel. The host, Bear Gryllis would go on these wilderness survival adventures in which he would teach us vital skills. One of his mantra's was the importance of staying warm. His suggestion to do this was do a set of "Push-ups". If this is an optimal way to get warm, I really think I should have done alot of pushups during this years race!

In our household sometimes Tristan complains it is too cold. My advice to him is similar to my parents advice to me when I was growing up (they said "put on a sweater"--but that is so 70's!). Now, I tell Tristan to do some Push Ups! Of course when I am cold, I just nudge the thermostat up to a warmer temperature:-)

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