Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting for food and signing up for Triathlons

In my earlier post you can learn about Gilligan's adventure in voting (he made it all the way to the voting booth with me and advised me on some choices I had no opinion...I am not convinced appelate judges have much influence on my life).

After the pets vet appointment (everyone is healthy), Tristan and I decided to partake in voting festivities by getting lots of free treats. Our evening consisted of:

1) Krispy Kreme Donut--need I say more? I love donuts and getting a free one for something I would do anyway is a real treat.

2) Starbucks Decaf Coffee-I am not a big fan of starbucks (or coffee), but free is free, right?? And I pretty much poured 15 sugar packets which always makes coffee better (hey, if I run marathons, I can use my calories however I want until I get diabetes!)

3) Ben & Jerry's free single scoop-I love Ben & Jerry's (sigh...). And one cannot beat a free cone of Chocolate Fudge Brownie Frozen Yogurt! Oh yeah, and I was able to remisce about my VT100 run and talk about my future VT100, which is a race close enough to Stowe VT that we can make a pilgrimage. Have I said I LOVE Ben&Jerry's?? Oh yeah and we got a coupon for a buy one get one free ice cream in the future. The only thing that would have been better would be a free Vermonster! (which is 29 scoops of ice cream, 1 cup of all their toppings and a full cannister of whipped cream). I am drooling just thinking of this.

4) California Tortilla for a free taco-I chose a free Blackened Chicken ceaser taco. It was just the right portion after the donut, coffee and ice cream.

5) Another starbucks decaf coffee-we were near a different starbucks and I was starting to have sugar withdrawal, so I dropped in.

I am now full and pleased with my voting diet. While Chik filet had a freebie chicken sandwich, it would have been a bit difficult to get to this store. As far as I know, we went to every location we could get treats and food. It almost was like a birthday (which typically you can get a few treats and freebies) without the extra grey hairs:-)

In addition to voting, taking pets to the vet, work and getting lots of treats I actually had one more exciting event:

I signed up for two triathlons.

1) IronGirl in Columbia on August 24th-my friend Ann signed up as well so we will train together (well as soon as I replace my bike which was STOLEN from the bike rack in my office buildings garage just before I went to Slovenia, aarghh!)

2) Half IronMan in Bear Delaware on Sept 14th. This will be at essentially the same venue as my C&D marathon this past weekend. I had such a good time and enjoyed the course and the enthusiasm of the volunteers that I sort of impulsively signed up. I think I can do it. Anyway my goal is to do an IronMan in the near future, so I have to increase the length of my Triathlons (I can't fake my way through an IronMan, can I?)

Happy Running and Happy Voting!

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