Monday, November 24, 2008

Some more photos of JFK 50 in 2008

With my sister/crew, Cindy before the start. It appears we are both addicted to caffiene since she has a bottle of starbucks frapaccino and I have my usual Diet Mountain Dew (the beverage of champions). I have decided to embrace this addiction for the time being!

I guess I have to multi-task in this race. Photographer, Runner and Sign's no wonder why it takes me nearly 12 hours to finish this race!
Sitting next to the sign is alot easier...but getting up is a doozy!

Hanging with the little dogs (okay others might not think Border Collies are little dogs but compared to Gilligan, this dog is tiny!) He was really sweet and very soft.

At about mile 46 with a cow. Just a little past this section, there is another field of cows with only a small wire (electrified perhaps?) separating runners from cows. Here you can see a big rock fence which was comforting (although perhaps cows are more docile than horses in Williamsport).

Here are a few more pictures from JFK 50 miler this past Saturday. For some reason I can only post 5 pictures at a time. With 300 pictures (of which 200 are pretty good), this could take some time:-)

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