Sunday, November 16, 2008

More Photos from Richmond Marathon 2008

Tristan and his dad at Party Zone #1 by the Hugeunot Bridge

Tammy running along River Road along the James River (this where Gilligan, our dog, learned to swim!)
Tammy and Stonewall Jackson Monument (taken to humor my husband Tristan who is a Southerner and thus a) refers to the Civil war as the "War of Northern Agression" and b) suggests it is not over...I'm from the North and if memory serves me correctly, it's called the Civil War and we won.

Tammy and a spectating St Bernard-he was really cute but a bit slobbery.

My friend Belinda and Katmom. I have run with Belinda at Umstead, Delaware and Baltimore. I met Katmom at Baltimore. Belinda was only supposed to run 6 miles of Richmond, but ended up getting coerced into running 15 miles!

I will write a comprehensive summary of my experience later today or tommorrow but since I am incapable of getting more that 5 pictures within each blog post, I am trying to post my pictures slowly.

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