Thursday, February 5, 2009

A bit of a Family Reunion and Rocky Raccoon 50 miler Bound!

Tommorrow I leave for Texas. I will be running Rocky Raccoon 50 miler while several of my friends will be running the 100 miler. I will be volunteering Saturday night after I finish, so I'll be pulling the all nighter the easy way!

My friends who I hope to see many times as they pass me include Jamie D (Umstead 100), Anthony P (VT 100 pacer), Angela I (too many marathons to name), Wayne (VT 100), Will & Luann T (JFK 50 and fellow Reston Runners) and many others. It should be a mini-reunion.

While at Rocky Raccoon in Texas I will be able to spend some time with my mom who is in Texas for the winter. I haven't seen my mom since November, so I will be able to check up on her. She still has a bit of memory loss from her stroke 2 years ago, and it is easier to see her physically to check up on her rather then rely on phone conversations which may be negatively impacted by poor cell service. Also, it is always nice to spend time with family (no matter how rushed). this means for those of you keeping count, I will have spent a weekend with each family member since the beginning of the year. While my family is a bit nutz, I love them and it is good that I can hang out with all of them.

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