Monday, February 9, 2009

Rocky Raccoon-second batch of pictures

Amazingly enough I have one picture of my (from my camera) of me running. Most of my pictures tend to be taken of me standing still, but I found a hiker who was willing to take a simulated action shot

With my mom early in the day at an aid station. It was nice to see her several times during the race. She is very encouraging and a trooper (notice she recently had nose surgery to repair a 15 year old scar from when she slipped on ice many years ago).

With my friend Jamie after she finished the 100. Jamie really tore up the course! But sadly like me towards the end started having root issues and fell several times.

With the men's winner Andy J-W and Scott J after they finished the 100 mile. Andy is really sweet and very funny. I was volunteering when he finished but could overhear his comments and assessment of the race which cracked me up. BTW this is the second time Andy has beaten me (at VT100 he came in first overall as well and anyway this time I finished before him so perhaps I beat him:-)

With Joe P. the Rocky Raccoon race director. He is really nice and has set up a really great race. It was a pleasure to both run and volunteer.

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