Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mardi Gras Marathon Pictures-vol 3

Appreciating some King Cake provided by a really nice neighborhood in the garden district. This was the best King Cake, it was filled with a custard cream and was very tasty. And look at the ambiance of this aid station: Mimosa's, Bloody Mary's, King Cake and Flowers...I love this marathon!

A self portrait along the course at Audobon Park. Behind me you can see a fountain, a gazebo and big oak tree's as well as an island in which a golf course is located.
A different swamp at City Park after I have relieved myself of my "Southwest" apparal. City Park is a substantial park that is a bit more rustic then Audobon Park in the Garden District. Although City Park also has an art museum, a small amusement park, several playgrounds and various buildings including many gazebo's and a parthenon like building.

With my friends from the red-dress aid station. They were really sweet! But the gentleman on my right had a low cut (in the back) dress with a significant of back hair he was very proud of which cracked me (and the others up)!

Enjoying a cool refreshing beer along the course at the vampire aid station. I think during this course I could have availed myself to about 15 sanctioned and unsanctioned aid stations with signficant amounts of alcohol. In fact starting about 8 a.m. there were definitely aid station volunteers who were appreciating their products which made for some pretty amusing conversations.

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