Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day! Mine will be spent hill Training with Billy (see Christmas 2008 posts)

After our run, Billy came to our house. Sadly Zaboo was not amused and tried to beat up Billy a bit
But on a positive note, as it was Valentines Day, Powder welcomed her boyfriend Billy with open arms and enthusiastically! She really loves every dog including Gilligan, but Billy seems to reciprocate a bit. By the end of their brief time together she was completely violated with his slime/drool, but she was really happy about this!
On Sugarloaf Mountain with Billy after our hiking portion of our morning/afternoon together. He is pretty good company and I am sure he appreciated our jog and hike alot more than Gilligan (who was happily at Billy's house lounging about)

With Billy during our jog. We ended up doing 3 repitions of the 1.5 mile run up the mountian. I believe Tristan's GPS watch suggests it is about a 800 foot climb up the mountain (although this is the same GPS that suggested Mt Washington is about 5,400 in elevation (short by about 600 feet!).

Puffy drowning her sorrows after Billy left. She was kind of depressed after he left because as a boyfriend, he interacts with her. While she gets up in Gilligan's face rubbing up against him and snuggling, Gilligan tends to leave or grudgingly accept it. Billy accepts and reciprocates her love and affection (and they make such a cute couple!)

Tristan is away this weekend visiting his family in Alabama. I guess when we were making plans several months ago for trips I did not realize presidents day weekend included Valentines Day.

Oh well, once we realized this earlier this week, we celebrated Valentines Day on Wednesday (and now I am the proud owner of a Camcorder...and Tristan is the proud owner of a spot messenger for all his solo hikes and mountaineering expeditions).

Since I need to get more training in for Umstead, I have arranged to exchange Gilligan for Billy who will do some hill training on Sugarloaf Mountain. Of course I have to ensure I do not over-exert myself because I have the George Washington Birthday Marathon tommorrow.

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