Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Critter Pictures (some old, some new)

Gilligan running (shocking, eh?) at Sugarloaf Mountain in December. I have been going to Sugarloaf to do hill training since early December with some regularity. Hopefully this will help me as I train up for both Umstead 100 and Vermont 100 mile run. Tristan likes Sugarloaf because he gets some mountain hiking in without having to spend 2 hours driving to the trailhead.

This picture of Gilligan and Billy is from Billy's stay with us in December. We took both dogs to Lake Frank, one of the local lakes near where we live. It is part of the Rock Creek Park system that goes from Lake Needwood to the Potomac River near Georgetown. One day several years ago I ran about 20 mies in this park system. Someday I would like to run the entire path which I believe is about 26 miles and can be accessed using the Metro near the start and the finish.

Powder with her number #1 boyfriend, Gilligan. Taking a moment for some romance:-)

Our girl cat: Sagwa (darker cat) and her half brother: Zaboomafoo ("Boo", lighter cat), the best feline siblings ever! Well until they get into a squable which seems to be a daily occurence. But then again, I guess siblings tend to squable now and again. They are really sweet and do snuggle alot, which is cute.

This is an old picture of Powder from last winter. She is quite an explorer and seemed to be unconcerned about the snow. It probably helps that her boyfriend Gilligan was outside as well. I suspect she would go anywhere to be with him. They make such an adorable couple.
Because of running the Georgew Washington Birthday on Sunday and Rocky Raccoon 50 miler the weekend prior I think I am a little run down. Yesterday (during the presidents day holiday, which I had off), I just lounged around the house. Today I was pretty unmotivated which bummed me out because it was a beautiful day. When I walked Gilligan in the afternoon, I thought it would be a great day for a run. But alas thinking is not doing! Although I think my legs want a break hence my doldrums.
This weekend I do not have any marathons planned however, if the weather is nice I think Tristan and I will go for a hike. Perhaps we will go to Shenandoah so I can do some hillwork on the Old Rag Fire Trail while Tristan does some hiking, then rejoin to go up White Oak Canyon. Although this plan assumes Tristan is up for a hike. Today he came home from work feeling ill and immediately went to bed after a bowl of soup. This is the second year in a row he has come back from visiting his brother (and the family including kids) and gotten sick immediately upon returning home. Well, hopefully he gets better soon!

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