Friday, February 20, 2009

Weekly Running/Training summary

Total weekly mileage running: ~45 miles
Total hours on feet running/walking/hiking: ~15 hours

A few friends of mine have questioned how I train for my hundred miler. Many are shocked about how few miles (compared to others) I run. Although I do tend to spend a bit of time on my feet hiking or walking, particularly on the weekend. I wish I was still an instructor at a university or college but alas I have to get most of my "time on feet" walking or hiking either during my lunch hour, after work or on weekends.

Since the start of the year I have tended to run a marathon week1/marathon week2/off (relatively speaking) week3. On marathon week "1" I tend to run 3 or 4 weekdays and Saturday, distances varying from 4-10 miles. On marathon week "2" I tend to run 2-3 week days as well as the Saturday before the marathon (so far all my marathons have been Sun). I almost always take Monday's off but still walk several miles.

This week a summary of my workout include:
Saturday: 9 miles include 3 climbs/runs up a 1.5 mile road along Sugarloaf Mountain (my guess is about a 14-15 minute mile pace) as well as a 4 mile hike up the mountain
Sunday: 26.2 mile marathon (~12 minute mile pace) followed by about 2-3 miles of walking backward on the course
Monday: 2.5 miles walk to a local shopping center near a lake (Washingtonian Rio)
Tuesday: about 1 mile total walking Gilligan our lazy dog (barely mentionable) and a 2 mile walk during my lunch hour.
Wednesday: really yucky weather day, so again just a walk with Gilligan (~1 mile total)
Thursday: 4.5 mile run at lunch (~12 minute mile pace) and 4 mile run (about 10 minute miles because it was really cold and windy) with local running club
Friday: 1 mile walk with dog. (my knee was a bit bothersome, I had a long day at work, and I just didn't really feel like changing into running cloths...I know lame!)

This week I was pretty unmotivated and the weather did not cooperate (rain a few days and significant wind other days). Since I had just come off a 50 miler and marathon, (and my husband returned from a trip visiting his family sick--which I did not want to risk catching by getting worn down), I decided to take it a bit easier this week. Hopefully next week my mileage will increase again. In fact, I know next Sunday (9 days from now) I have a marathon and tommorrow I am planning to do some significant hill work at Sugarloaf again. My goal is to do 5-10 repeats depending on how my knee feels.

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