Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rocky Raccon Random Pictures Vol 1

Anthony P starting his third Lap. I was lucky enough to see Anthony several times along the course. During the entire 100 miler he looked really strong and broke 24 hours, which was his goal!
My friend Frank P from VHTRC (Virginia Happy Trails Running Club). I knew of Frank because we run a bunch of ultra's together but I never met him until RR50. As with all other ultra runners (and VHTRC members) is really nice.
My friend Joe (who drove me to the 2007 Breakers Marathon in Rhode Island). His wife Francis was here as well

My friend Francis, Joe’s wife. I ran a few miles with Francis during the beginning of the 50 miler. We should see each other in just a few months at the B&A trail marathon (which I was able to tell her that there is an early start which I certainly plan to make use of)
My friend Frankie and Donna (who I met at Rocky Raccoon) along the Dam during the first lap...they were really nice and friendly. I was able to see Frankie and Donna finish the 50 miler about an hour after I finished. Frankie then ended up going out for a 20 mile "victory lap" by pacing a 100 miler later in the evening!

During the race I made many friends (especially since there were a fair number of out and back sections along the course). Everyone was so nice and friendly and it just was a perfect day for a run in the park!

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