Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Orleans Marathon Pictures

My doggie friends...I met them last year and was excited to see them again this year
Enjoying a Martini on Tristans behalf at the Vampire Aid station

Enjoying some King Cake along the course...I could also had about my 10th martini or 7th Bloody Mary. The folks in New Orleans really appreciate their drinking and start early.

At the finish after breaking 6 hours

With my friends Cheryl and Jennifer, a pair of sisters I ran a good portion of the race with. They were really nice and so sweet. Hopefully I will be able to run another race with them in the future.

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Jennifer B said...

Good luck this weekend! Cheryl and I would love to run with you again. Right now, our plans for this year are: Oak Ridge, TN in March; Kentucky Derby in April; Boise in October; Chickamauga in November. I don't know if you're planning on any those, but we hope to see you again soon!