Thursday, March 26, 2009

After the National Marathon pictures part 3

At the Washington Monument. This picture makes me look tall doesn't it...I'm only about 3 inches shorter then the Washington Monument!

In front of the White House. I love democracy!

A witness to a police was a bunch of skateboarders who got snagged in front of the National Theater.
In fact this was my second police operation that I witnessed during National Marathon day. During the race, there seemed to what I percieved to be a drug bust right before we got to the National Stadium. There were a bunch of cops, an empty stretcher and a guy on the ground with handcuffs on. I tried to discretely take a picture (like this one) but did a pretty bad job. For this abbreviated "cops" episode I was stuck at a traffic light and even I am not stupid enough to jay walk right in front of cops!

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