Monday, March 9, 2009

Lower Potomac Marathon Pictures (vol. 2)

Along the course, while trying to stay warm in my "hefty couttoure" skirt. I had a matching top and bottom, but after about 1 mile I was able to remove my hefty bag top and after 5 miles took off my thermal shirt. Everyone else seemed to be wearing singlets and shorts but apparently I am not toasty until about 75 degree's. Thank goodness summer is coming!

Along the road along St. Georges Island. You can see some runners in the distance. I thikn there were ahead of me. Until mile 7 or so, I was about 5th from last. I think I started out pretty slow and my first 1/2 marathon was about 2:29 and my second half marathon was 2:19. And the second half was way hillier then the first and in fact I had 3 bathroom breaks after the half and only 1 before the half.
If you look closely you can see a little black and white cat peering between the rocks. It was really cute but very skittish.

At the halfway point (you can see the time of 2:29). My friend Amanda and Dan are just ahead of me. We ran from about mile 5 until mile 17 together, which was alot of fun. I really enjoy catching up with friends during various races (and in fact for about the first 4 miles I was running with my friend Angela).


NCBuzz said...

Hi, Tammy! This is #19 from the LPRM. Thanks again for your encouragement during my first marathon last weekend! Glad to find you on here. Interesting posts! Be well and have fun!

Runner Tammy said...

Hi there #19 (Lewis, right?)

It was a pleasure to meet you at the Lower Potomac Marathon. You looked really strong throughout the marathon and are to be commended for your first marathon finish. Congratulations!

The Lower Potomac Marathon is a bit tough for a first marathon because of the hills late in the race.

And although there are few spectators along the course we are really lucky the volunteers and spectators are really enthusiastic!

Good luck in all your future events.