Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lower Potomac Marathon 4 hours 55 minutes

Early in the race as the sun was rising over the Potomac River
With my friend Angela (a fellow Marathon Maniac/50 states club member). We have run the NH Marathon, Rocky Raccoon and many others.
At one of the turnarounds on the course during the first 13 miles (the next 13 miles are an out and back). This section of the course goes through some forests, along several beaches and is very pretty.

Approaching the finish, a nice gentleman took this picture which was really nice!

With my friends Amanda, her husband Dave and Larry (all fellow Marathon Maniacs and 50 staters). I think I have run about 10 marathons with each of them at various locations.

This past weekend I was atPiney Point to run the Lower Potomac Marathon. I stayed at my friend Donna's house for the second year in a row. Two years ago she unexpectedly saw me running this marathon. Since then I have been invited to stay at her beach house, which is a beautiful house that is about 600 meters from the start.

The marathon was delightful. The weather was cool at the beginning but warmed up. The first half the course is along several islands and inlets of the Potomac river. The final 13 miles are on a fairly major road, but at least this year, there was not a significant headwind!

I finished in just under 5 hours so I could partake in the really nice buffet lunch. I ran with a bunch of friends throughout the course including: Angela, Amanda&Dave, Tammy&Homer, Larry and several others. By finishing quickly (relatively speaking) I was able to grab a bite to eat, then head back out on the course to cheer on some friends. Overall, it was a great day!

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