Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My run to and from work

Yesterday I was supposed to work from home (which I did). But at the end of the day, there was a seminar in my office I was interested in attending. Ultimately I completed tasks I needed to and decided spur of the moment to head to work. But since my workday was nearly done (and my workday would be done even before this seminar started), I decided I would run to my office and then home.

I learned as per Garmin 305, it is just over 7 miles from my home to my office (using one shortcut cause I was lazy!). Arriving at my office about 3 p.m., I had several options prior to the seminar: shower, spritz a little perfume or just pretend that it was Casual Wednesday. I went with the 3rd option (and my have horrified several co-workers...because someone sat down next to me then abruptly left!). Well, the seminar was worth it because it was interesting and I learned some facts.

And I am glad I had a forced 14 mile run. In fact, ultimately after getting home I decided to run to potbelllies for an ice cream sandwich as a treat. By the end of the day, my Garmin suggested I ran 16 miles...go me!

Today I will be abandoning my car and running home from work (I might even take the 10+ mile long cut because it is supposed to be sunny and in the mid-70's). Then tommorrow, Tristan will drop me off at work so I can drive home (it is predicted to be rainy tommorrow and I really hate running in the rain).

I do have an internal debate whether I should "run on anything". The positive is that I would be trained up for cold, wet, miserable weather. But the negative is that I could catch a cold, I really hate bad weather and at least for marathons out of 48 marathons I have completed (and 61 endurance events of 26 miles or greater). I have not had to run the first 26 miles in rain. The last 75 miles I have experienced all sorts of weather, but the first 26 miles have been fine relatively speaking (even the snow at the B&A trail a few weeks ago was not too bad). Hey, I'm a statistician and if I want to morph my data to show what I want, I can do it!

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