Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thank you Drymax!

For "Leprechauns day" I received in the mail, a real treat from Gus at Drymax Socks: several summer weight socks (one of these socks is pink, no less!).

I am really looking forward to testing out these socks when warmer weather comes (sadly today the high was about 65 degrees, which considering the predicted high was to be 75, I was bummed!). Based on my previous experience with Drymax socks, I know they will be wonderful!

And now I can be comfortable and fashionable!

Drymax socks are worn by many of my ultra friends including Jamie D., who just recently set a course record at Delano 12 hours (78 miles--she is amazing!!!!).

And of course I have been a Drymax socks convert since Vermont 100 when my feet remained relatively unscathed after I used some Drymax socks. Since I constantly faced blister issues in marathon or longer events, I was really attentive to my feet and really attribute my success at few blisters to using the pair of Drymax socks I received at Umstead 100 during the latter part of the VT100 mile race. (I know one should not use "untested" wardrobe or food products, but at the end of 100's I tend to throw caution to the wind!)

Since I started using Drymax socks I have not had any problems with my feet before, during or after a race.

In fact, now my biggest foot issue before any endurance event is which Drymax socks I should use (maximum protection, black or grey trail running or cold weather--this depends on the weather and what color I feel is lucky!).

In addition to reducing blisters, I have noticed my times for endurance events have improved markedly in the past year (well except for the Disney Goofy marathon but that was reallly caused by excessive eating, drinking and going on thrill rides during the event). I attribute this improvement to having happy feet.


With Drymax's help, these pictures (caution high ick factor) will be visions from my past!

One of my blisters from Umstead 100 in 2006 (my first time). The "main blister" was about the 1/2 inch in diameter, "baby blister" was about 1/4 inch in diameter and "scabie blister" was about 1/2 inch in diameter. I had about 14 blisters of various sizes and locations (including the soles of my feet!). Ultimately I ran out of names for my blisters and sadly because of an inability to stretch on my part, this is the only picture somewhat in focus (FYI it was zoomed from about 18 inches away!)

Here I am preparing for Vermont 100 in 2007. I used to use about half a large bottle of glide for VT100 on my feet alone! (in fact I would scrape the glide onto the top then apply it in big handfuls on my feet, between my toes and everywhere I could imagine)

This is my "after" picture at VT100. You will notice you can barely see my feet below the copious amounts of glide. I still ended up with some blisters but I attribute alot of this sucess to switching to Drymax socks at the end of the race.

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