Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Toilet Paper Wars in our household

A sign from the Porta Potty during the B&A trail marathon. The signs inside (and outside) the porta potties were pretty amusing!

After Tuesdays post you may think my husband is made of money (long story short: instead of replacing brakes in one of our cars, he propositioned that we should just buy a new car). Well, clearly we are not made of money because he buys cheapie toilet paper!

A few weeks ago we were running low on toilet paper. I am the primary "hunter gatherer" in our family, so I typically buy this kind of stuff. But not this last time. Aparently in all my recent trips to marathoning events I have let our visible t.p. supply dwindle which he noticed and decided to address (FYI: we are not running low on t.p.... we have 24 rolls in the spare bedroom closet, "just in case", we also have about 6 months worth of beverages, non-perishables and lots of other stuff we might need in an emergency...No need for our family to head to the store before a blizzard, hurricane or any other disaster because we are all set!).

Anywho, hubby goes to the store and purchases some t.p. while I was away (without consulting me). He buys the economy size of the cheapest store brand! And he unpacks it all and puts in it the master bathroom cabinet. We now have 24 rolls of sandpaper toilet paper in our master bathroom! Aarrgghh.

I have heard abrasive material leads to super-soft skin (think face wash with gritty stuff), but realistically I could not care if my derrierre is super soft or not (hey, I'm married!). Well, tonight I mentioned during a jog that I was going to post about this violation against humanity (well at least me!). And I mentioned I am not a high maintenance wife. I pointed out that I have high standards for items in very few categories. I need soft toilet paper (Charmin is the best), but most other items I am pretty agreeable and easy going (and I don't throw a hissy fit about taking out the recylcables!). In my defense I suggested I don't mind if he buys any brand fabric softener (unless it is sub-standard), I don't care about what brand cloth detergent we use (as long as it is not sub-standard), or what kind of pre-packaged food we get (unless it is sub-standard). Unfortunately after about a 20 minute debate it became clear that in fact the only thing I was able to say I really don't care about what kind of plasticware is purchased in our household (which he acknowledged I really don't care...apparently the only example I could come up with).

Well, I still am in a dilemma because I have 23 rolls of t.p. that I hate and envision I have about 1.5 months until it is all gone. This will be a long month or two!!!

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