Friday, March 13, 2009

What goes on in Vegas Doesn't Stay in Vegas and Weekly Summary March 13

Nice 'do, Dude!!!! This picture was never supposed to see the light of day. But alas, I was sorting through my pictures the other day and realized, puffi was smart the other day to block her face when I was taking a compromising pictures of her (hint scroll down a bit to see her kodak moment). Apparently I will post national enquirer quality pictures.... (in fact maybe tommorrow I will post some powdered sugar-face pictures)
The start of my downfall in gambling during our Vegas trip in Dec. You will notice I started with 2 cent slots....'cause I'm loaded as a gov't worker!

Then I graduated to penny slots! (Stupid recession)

Getting close to my $1 limit I suddenly hit the jackpot and won $5!!! I am rolling in money! (my version of the stimulus package)

Cashing out my ticket for my $5l. This means, during my Vegas Vacation I gambled $1 the day we arrived, $1 the first full day we were in Vegas and $1 day our last full day in Vegas. I only ever gambled at 1 or 2 cents slots. Thus my return on my investment at some point was 500% (or something--I'm a mathematician but the intricacies of the amount I was up, then down, then up again is too much for me...and I'm not an accountant!!!).
Well, now back to the purpose of my blog weekly training summary. It's a bit disappointing hence the stalling techniques.
Saturday: 7.5 miles on trails near Piney Point (2 hours)
Sunday: 26.2 miles marathon at Piney Point (5 hours)
Monday: No run but 1 hour walk in the evening
Tuesday: 4 mile run at lunch, 2 mile run in the evening
Wednesday: 4 mile run in the afternoon and 3 mile/1 hour walk in the evening
Thursday: 4 mile run
Friday: nothing except a long day at work :-(
Total Mileage: 44 miles
Total Time on Feet: 12 hours

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