Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weekend at the Lower Potomac River

Near Piney Point, MD this past weekend, the day before the Marathon. This park, St Mary's River Park, has a 7.5 mile trail around the lake that is very nice. I ran this loop in about 2 hours which I was pretty happy with. This trail was primarily single track with a few boardwalk sections as well as some jeep trails. As you can see, there was still a bit of snow around the lake.
Along the Potomac river the night before the Lower Potomac Marathon, I went for a walk by the Piney Point Lighthouse. It was pretty chilly and windy by the river. Inland a bit (or in protected area's), it was pretty warm, but near the water was very cold.
After the race I went back to the Piney Point Lighthouse. Near this lighthouse, there is a small walking path, a small pier and the lighthouse (first lighthouse on the Potomac River), which you can see in a few pictures.

On the pier looking over the Potomac River towards Virginia

The Piney Point Lighthouse

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