Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A few stories and critter pictures

"Blue-ey" my civic hybrid at the Delaware Marathon in 2007 being driven by Tristan. Notice Gilligan peering out the back-window on the drivers side. Gilligan likes to go 26.2 miles as much as the next critter...except he likes to do it in a car (as a passenger no less). Maybe I should start doing marathons using Gilligan's strategy. I bet I could even finish alot faster.

Puffie and Sagwa, hanging out. They are good siblings (sometimes:-)

Zaboo, Sagwa and Puffie enjoying a quality power snuggle session! They are really cute when they all snuggle together. They tend to do this during the winter when we have the heat set to 63 during the day (or night). Because Tristan and I are sissies, we have our heat set for 72 in the evening and to wake up to. Sadly I think our thermostat says 72, but a thermometer in our bedroom suggests our bedroom infrequently gets above 68...stupid townhouse that was built poorly with sub-par equipment and sub standard materials!

Powder assuming her usual position (either yelling at us or meowing). She is the youngest cat in the group and tends to embrace her birth order right of being a demanding little nut:-) But she is cute. And clearly she has a good set of chompers.

Powder and Zaboo enjoying a power nap. They tend to sleep next to each other alot during the day, although frequently their snuggle sessions abruptly turn into attack fests. I will try to take a picture of this in the future (because I am the worst parent ever...it is more important to get a good picture then step in and stop a fight. I feel like I am Homer Simpson sometimes! In fact this poor parenting can probably be attributed to my dad at least who has regularly mentioned he learns his parenting skills from the Simpsons...Doh!)

Today I have a few stories to relate about this past weekend.

Last Thursday night on our drive from the Fleet Feet Fun Run to Brusters Ice Cream (Half price banana split if you bring your own Banana...and it was 50 degree's which in my world and Gilligan's is warm enough for ice cream!), our Hybrid Civic's "blue-ey's"engine malfunction light illuminated. After checking the owners manual it indicated you should not drive with this light on. So Tristan and I drove home go in the Jeep ("death trappy" called this because the car has been on two safety recalls!) and headed off to Brusters for Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt. Saturday morning we dropped off blue-ey at the dealership. As we waited at the service bay, Tristan suggested since the engine malfunction light was on and he thinks the car needs new brakes, we might want to think about getting a new car!!! Seriously! In Tristan's defense he forgot we got a 5 year 100,000 mile warranty with a $50 deductible per incident. But I was amazed that to avoid buying new brake pads or fixing the car, his solution was to buy a new car!! It cracked me up.

"Blue-ey" is my car (well at least I do the car payments), so I should have kept my mouth shut and worked my way into a new car. But alas it does seem that getting a new car instead of new brake pads is not necessarily optimal economics.

Well, the next story has to do with Tristan again. But this is a plea for help. Because although he is apparently willing to buy a car at the drop of a hat, he consistently has his lunch stolen. He works in an office with a communal fridge. He brings in leftover Pizza, subs, sandwiches, restuarant meals... Fairly regularly his lunch disappears and I get a call mid-day alerting me to this (as if I can do anything...I guess I could go to his office watch the fridge and beat up the culprit, but I am not that big, or actually very tough). A few weeks ago he started taking a bite out of his meals and so far that has worked. He also now brings an insulated bag with a frozen gatorade with really good lunches. But I am sure he would appreciate advice as to how to stake claim to his lunch...any idea's??

Although considering instead of buying $500 brake pads, he would buy a $25,000 car, perhaps he can afford the brown bag lunch theft! But I think a few times he has ended up hungry because he did not have time to get a replacement lunch, poor guy.

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