Monday, March 2, 2009

Critters Snow Day

Gilligan "helping" me shovel snow from our little driveway. I guess he felt sitting on the ground preventing more snow from accumulating fulfilled this job description!
After shoveling we went to the dog park. Gillligan was so excited he ran around like a nut for about 5 seconds! Then he laid down for a long rest. It was bitterly cold out there and windy so we headed back inside pretty quickly.

Of course, this is how our more civilized critters spend a snow day. Although it looks like puffi has crazy intentions and perhaps may have been abducted by aliens who made her eyes glow (or else maybe I should use the reduce red eye feature my camera has!)

Zaboomafoo (aka Zaboo) has the right idea of how to spend a snow day (curled up on a soft surface). Wish my manager/supervisor would be agreeable to this. Although I was allowed to flex today which is nice.

Sagwa and Powder Puff at the beginning of a scuffle match. On occasion, Puffie has ended up falling off the cat-condo when a squabble erupts, but today it did not escalate. Although I threatened to toss them outside in the 6 inches of snow if they did not behave, so perhaps that helped in ensuring they behaved.

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