Thursday, March 26, 2009

After the National Marathon post race pictures part II

With a cute dog after the race as I walked from RFK Stadium to the Mall. This section (I think they call this section "South capitol") was really cute. This was a bookstore.

With a floral bouquet I had noticed from the course. It was very pretty and in fact was real (it was a floral "Market". Inside was similar to a European cafe/store with just the basics and a variety of food.
With the "Typewriter Eraser" at the sculpture garden. Notice there is a Cherry Blossom Tree in full bloom. There were many Cherry Blossoms in bloom sporadically in DC.

With a "Peta" Fish. They were handing out brochures about the issues related to "farm" raised fish and overfishing. Both of which are definitely potential issues. Sadly I tried to be a vegetarian in college for about 6 months but really had issues with respect to consuming adequate protein. I now eat only animals that are not too cute or too ugly (thus chicken, ostrich, turkey, fish and seafood can be on my plate but I will not touch: pigs, cows, sheep, goat...I also will not eat really ugly animals--what if it is catching? so this includes: eel, snake, squid, etc.). Oh yeah, but I will eat animals that would consider me dinner or would attack me (ex., Bison and Alligator). Perhaps this is TMI, but at least now if you ever invite me over for dinner you know what I would scarf down:-)

With the Lincoln Memorial. I am glad in this picture you cannot see how sunburned I am. Today is Thursday and my face is still peeling. And my husband when he returned from a trip to New Hampshire, kept calling me Lobster-face!

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