Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Congratulations to my friend Jamie, first place female at Badwater, Snakes on the run and an event I am missing

With my friend Jamie, Badwater Women's Champion 2008 and 2009 and Morrison (her Newfie) this past April. We had a really nice hike up Deer Canyon. This is where I learned that both my dog and I are slower than her dog and her! Morrison was bookin up the mountain (even though she kept insisting he was lazy:-) He needs a few lessons about lazy from Gilligan

After I caught my breath from screaming like a girl, I realized I should take a picture of the snake to prove I did see one on my run today. I sure hope this is not a sign of things to come at VT 100 because I am not a big fan of snakes but every time I go to Vermont I seem to see them.

A sign advertising the free concert at the park Tristan and I live by. But we will not be here. This park we could easily walk the 5 minutes to the park and check out the music. Historically it has been blues or folk, so after partaking in the $4 full barbeque meal (in the old days...last year it was a wallet busting $7) we could head home. Quite a few years the concert ended up competing with thunderstorms but when your house is a mere 400 meters from the concert venue you don't have to worry.

Today I ran an easy (but confidence building) 4 mile loop by our house. This loop entails only 5 turns, one of which cuts through green acres into a quiet neighborhood using a recreation trail. Right along the recreation trail I saw it...a snake. I hate snakes. Or is it I fear snakes. Regardless this did not make me happy. In fact after my snake sighting (which I took a picture of), I continued on with a bit more pep in my step.

I also learned today Tristan and I are going to miss one of the yearly highlights of living where we do, a free concert on the park. Every year to date we have been around for this Thursday night concert and are able to grab our lawn chairs, our dog and a few bucks for treats. But this year we will miss it. Alas, Vermont 100 is considerably more important.

Finally, I have been riveted by the Badwater action via webcasts. I have many friends running this year including Jamie D (from Umstead 100 & Rocky Raccoon--and of course Morrison:-), Iris (from Niagara Ultra & VT100), Anthony P(from VT100, Rocky Raccoon and Umstead), Keith S (from the Marathon Maniacs--whom I have run numerous marathons with although considerably slower--and he looks way better in pink then I do!).

Jamie has come in first place female in an amazing time of just over 27 hours. She will be continuing on to the summit of Mt Whitney and I know she will be setting a new record for the entire Badwater course (from the lowest point in the continental US to the highest).

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Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Congrats to Jamie!

Teh 'Bride saw a snake in our garden and now she's afraid to garden. She sends Ian in there occasionally to try to get the snake and take it away to some other place, but so far, no luck.

Ian seemingly fears nothing. Nothing scaly, at least.

Good luck in snake-infested VT!