Friday, July 3, 2009

Why do I run....a few pictures from San Diego to illustrate my motivation

This picture is from Extraordinary Desserts in San Diego. Out of the 5 days I was in San Diego I went to this fine establishment 3 days. I would have gone more but as you can see from the below picture one evening I was otherwise occupied at a different event. The desserts were really good. I had a brownie that was really yummy, a chocolate bundt cake, and a chocolate filled croissant for my treats. What you will notice is that all of the desserts were very elegant and included some type of flower. My brownie had a pink daisy, my chocolate bundt cake had a rose and my chocolate filled croissant had a yellow daisy and some rose petals. I am ready to go back to San Diego for these yummy treats alone!
The DIA (Drug Information Association) conference has a nice networking event each year. A few years ago it was at the Georgia Aquarium. Last year it was at the Museum of Modern Art in Boston and this year it was at the USS Midway. As usual they had really tasty desserts as well as an open bar. I cannot speak about the open bar because I was busy gorging myself on the various desserts including both a white and milk chocolate fountain. I like to think this is good training for ultra distance eating. And I would easily guess I consumed 1000 calories during the 2-3 hours I was at this event. I really need to consider becoming a competitive eater.


Jimbo said...

The wonderful thing about having a hobby/obsession such as Ultra Running, is that you can always use the "carbo-loading" excuse (and it doesn't matter how far in the future your next run is!)


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I really need to consider becoming a competitive eater. ...

Keep your amateur status. It's purer.

Stay gold, Ponyboy.

Jamie Donaldson said...

You are really trying to tempt me. I can't have any of that yummy stuff for over a week!

Runner Tammy said...


You are right, I should rename my regular dessert eating into pre-run carbo-loading. It sounds alot better. This dessert-fest was good preparation for my near daily frozen yogurt eating with Gilligan last week. Every vet visit has to end with a trip to Brusters and a few days I just felt bad that he was whimpering and sad. At this rate we are going to be well over 200 lbs by the end of the year and both put on a diet!


You are right. I need to keep my amateur status in all aspects of my life. Then I will not feel the pressure but will be able to enjoy my hobby (although if there is a Ben & Jerry's rep reading this blog, I could totally sell out and become a professional frozen yogurt eater...or a test taster!)


You will have something to look forward to after Badwater...although if you are going straight back to training for Leadville I guess you will not be able to enjoy the 2 week post race feasting.

My 2 week post VT100 feasting includes my 24 hour Race Around the Lake marathon in which I have a side trip planned for every lap at the Gingerbread construction company for chocolate dream cupcakes. I love that the course goes by this yummy store every 3.1 miles and yet the race brochures omit this VERY important fact!

Have fun training!


RunnersThoughts said...

I'm thinking that I missed out on some of the best of San Diego!

CTmarathoner said...

Tammy -glad to hear that you are planning on dong the run around the lake marathon after VT (not me-am in escarpment 30K -lol)...gingerbread construction company at the run around the lake marathon? I never heard about that store..but did enjoy stopping at that donut place...
those desserts looked too good...what temptations..ut you will need the extra calories for VT 100 -not.
when do you get to Vt and are you staying at same place as last year?
what are you up to this weekend?

Runner Tammy said...


You did miss the best of San Diego if you missed the Chocolate Fountain and Extraordinary Desserts. You will have to at least check out Extraordinary Desserts if you ever are in San Diego. The treats are REALLY tasty. As for the chocolate fountain hopefully they will have one at next years DIA in Washington DC!


We have decided to stay at a chain hotel in White River Junction (I think Super 8). We debated between the two but I think while a bit further the White River Junction hotel has more stuff for Tristan to occupy his time. Where are you all staying?

This weekend I pack my drop bags. Perhaps I will run 10 miles on Sat but that will be my last long run. Gotta have something in the tank at VT100!


joyRuN said...

Oh man!!! I love love love dessert, & have been feeling guilty with not running as much but still eating what I shouldn't.

Now I need to find some sugar...

carrie said...

Hi Tammy, thanks for your thoughtful comment on my HR issue. I also wanted to extend my sympathy for your loss. Considering my life without my mom makes me so sad... I hope you are well.