Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Time to train up for the Race Around the Lake Marathon this Weekend

I am signed up for a marathon this weekend, the Race Around the Lake in MA (it seems so easy on paper to run a 100 miler on one weekend and run a marathon the next weekend...what a fool I am!)

But alas I am committed (or again, should I be committed?).

I am really excited about this event. I have done the 24 hour ultra-marathon Race Around the Lake before (twice) and had a great time. Both times I ran 56 miles (this was before my 100 miler days). Once I stopped because it was 95 degree's and I seriously felt quite faint about 17 hours into it. And the second time the race was called for severe weather about 17 hours into it (this was the year I learned I was a napping addict and vowed to simply run through the tiredness at ultra's...thus a good learning experience). This year I am only signed up for the marathon.

The course is a ~3.1 mile loop around Lake Quinapowett in the suburbs of Boston, Massachussetts. The surface is 10% grass/soft pack, 30% Macadam, and 60% Concrete. Around the Lake is a Cemetary, Residential houses, a business district and MOST IMPORTANTLY: Gingerbread Construction company!!!

The first year I ran this race I saw this establishment at night and thought: how cute a place specializing in creating cutesy tree houses. In the morning I would go to the Honey Dew Donuts until several laps later I decided to get a closer look at this fine establishment.

I learned it is called Gingerbread construction company because they make Ginger Bread houses for special occasions. But they also make the best muffins ever!!!! The chocolate dream cupcakes are the best. Followed by the Gingerbread, Strawberry Shortcake, Pumpkin...the list goes on!

Well, that year I only bought one or two muffins, but Tristan and I did get one or two for the road. The next year I knew about this store so paced myself with occasional trips to this store.

This year because of coming off VT100, I will be stopping by this EXCELLENT food service establishment every lap that they are open and buying a muffin or two!! Considering my strategy is to run 3 laps at night, go to bed, then complete the next 5 laps over the course of the day (starting around 6 a.m. when this store opens!), I will be consuming 5 muffins throughout the race. Also, I probably will start with a pre-race muffin or two on Friday afternoon (they close at 6 p.m., otherwise I would totally start my first lap with a trip to the store:-(

And of course after I finish the marathon (or else prior to their closing time of 5 p.m. on Saturday), I will head over to stockpile some muffins. Tristan said he would pay for this trip if I brought him home some muffins. I figure I will buy 2-3 dozen to bring home. I expect about 4 muffins total will make it home to Gaithersburg (I don't want to set the bar too high!)

I love post 100 miler eating binges!


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

But alas I am committed (or again, should I be committed?).

Hope this Diebold Machine herewith records 1 (ONE) vote for the latter, i.e., you should be committed!

Runner Tammy said...

So the vote I should count for you says, "Completely Sane", right???