Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Start of VT100 miler pictures

The Vermont 100 miler is both a horse and human race. The horses start an hour after the runners and pass the runners along the course. After the race, I asked the owner if I could get a picture with it. The rider came over and invited me to go under the visual fence (tape!) to be closer. This horse (#101) was really nice and friendly as were the rider and owner.
Here is the horse passing me during the race. It is quite fun to have the horses pass because the riders are so nice. The horses so powerful and strong and everyone is so friendly. At the pre-race brief, the runners are asked to talk with the riders to show the horses we are not monsters but are just crazy runners out for a 100 mile jog. The riders are so sweet because they will wish you luck and express how impressed they are with the runners. I have to say I am impressed with riders who are willing to go 100 miles in up to 24 hours!

Here I am before the race with the race director Julia Hutchison. She is really sweet and enthusiastic! And so encouraging.
I know I will be back to run this race for many years to come. Everyone is so nice: the volunteers, runners, pacers, crew and everyone associated with this race.

After the race, I got a picture with Julia...she is still as encouraging as ever!
This was her first year as the race director and she did a fantastic job! My entire experience was awesome and I am itching to sign up for next years race.

Here is my final pre-race picture with Tristan before the race. Since he was going to hike in the White Mountains of New Hampshire (Mount Madison and Adams) I was not 100% sure I would see him again. The presidentials within the White Mountains have a moderately high death rate (read the book Not without Peril to get a sense of how many people have perished...both experienced and inexperienced hikers!)
Luckily Tristan made it up both mountains safely and then met me at Margaritaville at mile 62, just like he was instructed:-)


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

You've got Tristan well-trained, sister.

But remember! We husbands are wild animals and could still turn on you, so ... careful!

Runner Tammy said...


You are right. Tristan is a wild animal and I need to remember this. Maybe I will implement the strategy we used in training Gilligan, a spray bottle with water when he misbehaves to keep him in line:-)