Monday, July 13, 2009

Managing Expections...My VT100 crew

My pacers are lined up for Vermont 100 and I am very excited. I know Dan and Theresa are expert pacers and will keep me going with cheerful and encouraging commentary throughout the last 30 miles of my 100 mile journey.

My crew situation is a different story. Tristan, my husband, has tried and failed (or is it tried to fail) numerous times at many of my ultra-events. To reduce the odds of disaster I have fired him from all crew locations except one (last year I tasked him with three and that did not turn out well). The aid station I suggested he meet me at is mile 60, Margarittaville.

I provided him with a relatively short list of explicit tasks (less than 10 written in plain English just like the FDA-likes).

First I will provide his response and followed by my written directives. You can decide if I am being unreasonable and expecting too much (you also can see I have no idea how to spell Margaritaville:-). Or if I should hit the panic button right now!

From: Massie, Tristan
Sent: Monday, July 13, 2009 2:43 PM
To: Massie, Tammy
Subject: RE: Simple Directions for Vermont 100 miler (version 1) May be updated

I don't know about MargarETville but MargarITAville is a state of mind not an actual place so I may have trouble getting there. No, really, I'll be there.

From: Massie, Tammy
Sent: Monday, July 13, 2009 1:14 PM
To: Massie, Tristan;
Subject: Simple Directions for Vermont 100 miler (version 1) May be updated

Tristan’s directions: For the Margaretville (mile 62) Aid Station

Please ensure you arrive at Margaretville well in advance of me! My expected time based on last year is 8:11 p.m. However this may be optimistic or may be slower than this year. I would suggest that it is very unlikely I would beat 7 p.m. but I might beat 7:30 p.m..

Margaretville will be hopping place with Jimmy Buffett songs played over and over and over. And of course to entertain yourself you can help out other runners by filling water bottles, reminding them of how many miles to the next aid station, refilling beverages or whatever the volunteers at Margaretville might need.

BEFORE I arrive
Set up camp chair very close to aid station (preferable BEFORE the Aid Station by just a few feet ~10-20). Put backpack on camp chair with "stuff". The "stuff" will include:
change of sneakers,
glass case with contact stuff & glasses,
Wet wipes/towel
Fresh Bandana
Various Layers (shirt/pants/jacket)

There will be a "Sea to summit" waterproof bag with Sneakers, socks, gaiters and glide. Loosen laces of sneakers, take out wet wipes place in this pile.

You may leave this bundle of stuff & shoes in a plastic bag until I get there (in case people vomit, it rains, or someone spills).

WHEN I arrive
See how I am doing. Good questions are:
How are you feeling?
Is anything bothering you?
Is your waterbottle full? (let other volunteers attend to this!!)
What do you feel like eating?
Remind me of the tasty minty cupcakes!!

BEFORE I leave I have the following tasks to complete (with your help/reminding)
1) Take my contacts and give me my glasses
2) Take my camera
3) Take my GARMIN
4) Make sure I have a headlamp and back up flashlight
5) Make sure I replenish any of my medpack
Includes: Toilet paper, pepto, immodium, advil, wet wipes, bug wipes
6) Offer me a fresh IPOD
7) Take my hat and/or sunglasses if I have them.
8) LAYERS: Suggest I take a pair of pants and/or shirt/Jacket

Note:If it is muddy I will need to wash my feet. I will want pitchers of water (or water bottles—one will be in your bag) to do this, followed by wet wipes. Just ask the nice volunteers at the Aid Station (AS)!!!!

If things get rushed ask an AS volunteer to help you. That is what they are there for.

As I leave ensure I am properly dressed, hydrated, have adequate lighting, have my fanny pack filled with stuff, look comfortable and happy.
I should HAVE GLASSES on (and contacts out)
I should HAVE HEADLAMP on (and spare flashlight in my pack)
I might be carrying or have just put on LAYERS: shirts/pants/jackets
I should have a full water bottle
I should have eaten/drank and enjoyed a few minutes of not running!


joyRuN said...


I knew there was a lot that would need to go into an event like VT100, but still - wow!

I'd have to print that out to make sure I don't forget anything :)

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I don't know about MargarETville but MargarITAville is a state of mind not an actual place so I may have trouble getting there. No, really, I'll be there. ...

Hahahahaha! Nice kertwang, Tristan!

Take THAT, sister!