Monday, July 20, 2009

Success at Vermont 100 in 2009

After VT100, I decided a post-race dip in a stream seemed like the right idea. The cold mountain stream felt so good on my legs and hopefully will aid in a quick recovery (especially since I have a marathon this weekend!) The stream was pretty fast so in addition to being quite refreshing it also gave my legs a small massage. This stream was right near a public library off Rt. 12 (near an intersection that veers off to Interstate 91).

This impulsive little stop was really great! Next year in fact I think Tristan and I will stay through mid-day Monday and I will let Tristan abandon me in the stream Sunday afternoon and I will completely immerse myself.

Of course my post race dip in the steam was followed by a game of putt putt. Here you can see me during my near victory at Putt putt near Quechee Gorge.

Although I am really bad at Putt-putt, I really like it alot. And this course was particularly challenging because there were all sorts of barely noticeable slopes and hazards.

Oh yeah and the fact I had to pee from about the 3rd hole didn't add to my concentration ability and focus (that and the fact I had been up for 30+ hours by this time!)

At one point (okay many points) in this race I had serious doubts I could beat the 30 hour cutoff. I had 2 very LONG shoe changes, loitered quite a bit from mile 62 to mile 70, I was averaging 20-25 minute miles and came into mile 70 needing less than 20 minute miles for a victory.

But with so much help from Shane and Dan I completed this race in 29 hours and 40 minutes.

This time for the VT100 miler is 34 minutes slower than last year, however because of losing my mom followed immediately by Gilligan's cancer diagnosis my training has been abysmal since May. I am thrilled I even finished!

I will write more later but as a post race celebration I waded in a frigid mountain stream and nearly beat Tristan in putt putt golf (My score was about 87 and his was 85 on a par 45 course!).

By the time we arrived home last night, I had been awake 48 hours straight...I need some sleep! And of course some tasty treats such as donuts or ice cream:-)


Anonymous said...

Did you seriously play putt putt golf on Sunday, right after that run? Go, Tammy, Go.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

You are an ANIMAL, sister!

CONGRATULATIONS on a major achievement!

Runner Tammy said...

Hi "Pacer" Shane (or is it "DNF Pacer except for me"?),

Yes, we did in fact go for putt biggest issue was that about every 5 minutes I had to pee. I seriously got very close to just squatting behind a tree and just going but Tristan said I was not allowed.


Thanks! Your blog (which always brings a smile to my face) was one of the thoughts that entertained me. Your random thoughts always crack me up and bring me pleasure even hours, days or months later.


Carolina John said...

holy crap. i can't believe you played putt putt after. you're insane.

Runner Tammy said...

I played putt-putt and nearly won Sunday!!!

The nearly winning after my 100 mile adventure is what I see as the impressive part.

And this was on no sleep, barely able to walk and after a 100 mile jog:-)

In the Moment Running said...

Congratulations! Just fantastic! Tristen should have gotten you a golf cart for putt-putt!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Your blog (which always brings a smile to my face) was one of the thoughts that entertained me. Your random thoughts always crack me up and bring me pleasure even hours, days or months later.

So then like I share in the achievement here, is what you're saying, right? Like, say, 40%?

You get most of it. I'm not greedy!

A Plain Observer said...

Honestly, it could take you 40 hours and it would still be amazing. Good job

CTmarathoner said...

you are just amazing and i loved your pacer stories --I am not sure i would be up for putt-putt after a 100 miler -both Frank and I said 'never again' to VT but he shocked me yesterday by saying he wanted to do it again and try and get under 24 hours to 'get Nick off his back'-Nick was my pacer and absolutely wonderful, and thinks both of us should be running VT under 24-but I personally don't want to work that hard -after your enthusiastic report, I am kind of thinking about going back:o)
great race!! you did luck out with pacers-BTW, we ran with a pacer from miles 82-88 whose runner dropped out..he was hooked up with another runner at 88!!

Runner Tammy said...


You're right Tristan should have gotten me a golf cart! Although sitting down and getting up might have been my undoing:-)


Move the decimal place of your 40% contribution over several places and then yes, you can take some credit. In fact I would say realistically a 100 miler is a joint event. Pacers, Crew, Volunteers, Friends & Family providing positive vibes all give me the energy and will power I need to finish.


Thank you for your kind words. I think by the time I spent 40 hours on the course I would be in tears curled up in a ball; it would be torture to be on the course that long:-)


Thank you. I bet if someone suggested putt putt suddenly you would be up for it. I think the dip in the icy cold stream really helped. And of course I knew I could not take a nap since we had a flight to catch.

You definitely should do VT100 again. It is a fun race. If you don't do it, you could always pace me because I would not be suprised if I lose Shane as a pacer and he runs it next year!