Thursday, July 23, 2009

Vermont 100 it's all about the Friends Part 1

My friend Paige with the "Bull" sign. This sign is pretty funny and quite famous in this race. It is unclear to me if the sign is intended for just the VT100 milers or if there is a chronic problem of people cutting through other's pastures. (and people think I am crazy for being worried about Serial Killers at 2 in the morning when I am all alone...clearly there is a crime wave that is going on in VT!)

My WONDERFUL Crew Tristan at Margaritaville. Since he succeeded in his limited tasks and did a good job driving me, he is listed as my friend. But if he slips up in future 100's he returns to the status of "Mortal Enemy":-)
In fact this year he was quite attentive, did exactly what he was explicitly directed and walked me out of the aid station (when this picture was taken) saying positive things and suggesting he knew I could finish.
Before the race I had the pleasure of meeting Jill, the winner from Umstead. She is really sweet and very encouraging. During Umstead she was moving so quickly but each lap she would cheer on the slower runners or offer up encouragement.
This sport is so GREAT because everyone is so positive, encouraging and supportive regardless of one's ability.

With my friend Mary K from the Reston Runners after the Taftsville Aid station with a few tasty treats. I ran a bit of the race with Mary but knew she would pull ahead of me. She tends to finish JFK in <10>
She was pretty nervous going into this 100, but I knew she could do it. In fact looking at the stats, women DNF significantly less then men, so statistically speaking I had faith. And then knowing her, I knew she could dig deep and finish!

This is me with my friend Bob G. Bob has struggled with blisters throughout his running career. The course with it's incessant mud and so many hills really added to his difficulty. This was exacerbated by some significant stomach issues which unfortunately led to him accepting a ride from Tristan at Margaritaville.
He is really TOUGH!!! At Umstead 100 he had BLOODY feet and nails that were falling off left and right (and the pictures/video from this was worse then any horror movie ever!).
In fact I loved his comment as he and Derek were finishing Umstead and about to buckle..."They should not give us a buckle at the finish, they should give us a belt so we can whip ourselves silly when we think about ever signing up for one of these in the future!"

Vermont 100 is an amazing experience. It is definitely challenging, but it is also really fulfilling. The pride of accomplishment is something that can never be taken away. And in my humble opinion it really is a group effort. I certainly could not succeed without the race organizers, aid station volunteers, pacers, other runners, crew and of course my husband who lets me train as I need to and drives me around.

In fact this year Tristan expanded his chauffer duties to my friend Tim and Bob who sadly but wisely ended up pulling from the race at the Margaritaville Aid Station.


Paige said...

Hahaha, love the pictures, Tammy! And you're totally right, it really does become a group effort, finishing a hundred miler! Congrats to us!!! Good luck at your marathon this weekend, that's pretty hardcore of feet are still too swollen for any running just yet :)

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Bloody feet and nails falling off and such?


But congrats to all.

joyRuN said...

I can imagine how such a grueling insane event can bring athletes together - bonding through suffering!