Sunday, July 26, 2009

Finished the Race Around the Lake Marathon in under 14 hours!

With my Muffins purchased at the Gingerbread construction company on Saturday morning. During the race I ate a total of 4 muffins. This does not include my pre-race muffin eaten before the race clock started. Next year I think I will aim for 5 muffins!

At the display window at the Gingerbread construction many choices so few laps! I love the chocolate dream but also had a boston cream, a gingerbread and of course 2 chocolate dreams during the race. My pre-race carbo loading muffin was a chocolate dream.
With the sign at the Gingerbread Construction only regret is that I did not get a picture of me in front of the building at night of me looking longingly into the building wishing it would open. At the Lake during my second lap just after sunset. It was a great temperature and a really nice night to run, scamper, jog and walk.

You will notice in the previous pictures I have two different outfits on...this is because I had my night outfit and my day outfit. This was separated by a shower and some sleep. This is the kind of marathon I could become accustomed to. It was very civilized.

Yesterday I finished my PW marathon, but had a great time!!!

I showered, checked myself in online to my Southwest flight, shopped at gingerbread construction company, ate, socialized, took lots of pictures and even had a good nights sleep during this 14 hour event!

It was great fun and I think next year I shall sign up for the ultra and aim for 50 km. In fact this year I did end up jogging/walking over 30 miles; however, I had aimed low and only signed up for the marathon, so my extra laps were simply victory laps.


joyRuN said...

What?! Didn't you just finish 100 miles in the way too recent past??

You're nuts!

(I mean that in an admiring and awestruck way.)


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I too say "You're nuts!" but I mean it as an unprovoked personal attack on your character and an overt questioning of the state of your mental health.

I'm not mincing words here, sister!

Anonymous said...

Tammy, let's call this what it was -- a muffin eating adventure in which some running was done! Just like my pacing duties basically involved running between aid stations for the food. Glad you had fun!

Byron said...

Hi Tammy,

Aren't there some pictures and a short video that you wanted to email to that really nice guy you met toward the end of your run? If you had some photos, I bet he's looking forward to receiving them right about now.


that guy :O)

Byron said...

Hi Tammy,

Fun site!

Did you ever get that organic carrot from the market after you finished?

Don't forget to send me the photos and the video!