Friday, July 10, 2009

Training for VT100: Eating!

Last night at Bruster's Tristan is purchasing a "to go" banana split and scores a second doggie sundae for Gilligan.
Gilligan helps himself to the doggie sundae. We are really bad parents because we did not step in to stop him but in fact let this occur and laughed about it. We really need to create and enforce rules because at the rate Gilligan is running amok he will get into all sorts of mischeif.
But then he goes and pulls the "I still have a bandage on my paw so I get to do whatever I want" card!

This is Tristan and Gilligan purchasing our first banana split (for half price) last evening. During this doggie sundae aquisition, Gilligan was better behaved and waited patiently for his sundae.

On Wednesday night we went to half price Gelati Day at Carmen's Italian Ice. Because I ran there from work after a REALLY long and trying day, I actually had eaten 2 italian ices before Karen/Simba (background) and Tristan/Gilligan (foreground) arrived. Thus by the end of the evening I had powered down 3 desserts...Life is good!

Last evening Tristan and I went to the Fleet Feet Fun Run then headed to Bruster's with Gilligan. This time he went with no T-shirt and only his paw covered with a bandage (that doesn't even cover his Mast Cell, but is just there for pity). By looking indistinct he was able to score two ice creams at Brusters. (okay this also might have been possible because Tristan and I purchsed our ice cream for "there" at one window and our "to go" ice cream about 30 min later at different window).

Gilligan really enjoyed all the attention he got and was happy to go for his second consecutive night of frozen treats (because Wednesday night we did Carmen's Italian Ice for half price Gelati's).

This brings me to a funny story. My friend Karen (Simba, a dog friend's of Gilligan's owner) was curious what flavors they have at this establishment. Last time we met up the selection of flavors was really overwhelming so she wanted to have a strategy for what flavors she might be leaning towards. So she did what any self respecting person would do: google up Carmen's and Rockville. Apparently the third website listed was my blog! She was really amused; but this did not help in figuring out which flavors were available.

In fact I have been having problems with google lately kicking up my blog for information I am trying to research. For example I wanted to register for the Kentlands 5km race which is comieng up this September. When I googled up "Kentlands", "5 km" "2009" and "register", the first 5 hits were my blog...this was not helpful at all because I cannot register for the race on my blog! In fact ultimately I was able to find the registration page but that was only because registration opened relatively recently and I had not deleted the e-mail with the registration information.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I'm actually surpised your site doesn't come up FIRST for any ice cream, donut, or dessert info requests.

But then he goes and pulls the "I still have a bandage on my paw so I get to do whatever I want" card! ...

This is a powerful card, sister. It trumps all others, even the race card. There was nothing else you could do.

Runner Tammy said...

Not only did he pull this card, but as the picture shows, you can see his purple bandaged paw front and center just to ensure everyone was aware of the situation.

He's had a rough month so he deserves to live it up a little.

And perhaps he is showing the Brusters owners he could become a "scooper in training" because he is tall enough to reach the counter!