Saturday, January 3, 2009

Al Rider 10 miler race and a trip to Brusters for Ice Cream

Our road trip to Brusters...I know I am getting a frozen yogurt pie for my birthday, Yummy!
Enjoying our ice cream in the car (with heat blasting!)
Running along the course at the Al Rider 10 miler this morning

At the finish line with Tristan and Gilligan a few minutes after I finished.

Have I mentioned my birthday is coming up? It's tommorrow! Because of this, Bruster's, my "source" for frozen yogurt sent me a coupon a few days ago for a buy one get one free waffle cone. Tristan, Gilligan and all went there this afternoon and each got a frozen treat. (Dogs get a free scoop which Gilligan Loves!). Sadly there were few people for Gilligan to get attention from, unlike the summer, but he settled for a scoop and hanging out in the car with us.
Our ice cream trip was a great way to end today which started with a local 10 miler. Tristan and I got to sleep in a bit because we had no animals wanting to get up. At about 6:30, we started getting ready for the Al Rider 10 miler. It is a race sponsored by the DC Road Runners and goes along a recreation trail through Rock Creek Park (the same park as Lake Frank, Lake Needwood and even the National Zoo but about 10 miles closer to DC then our local lakes).
I ended up starting the race 10 minutes late because I was in the restroom. I ran the entire 10 miles alone because I just could not catch up after my bathroom break. Because it was so cold I am glad to have made use of an indoor bathroom with heat and plumbing. Tristan was running this race as well. The weather was beautiful although a bit cold at the beginning. It was sunny and there was almost no wind. The course was very pretty going along Rock Creek Park and through some neighborhoods. I would guess about 100-150 people started the race with a 3:1 ratio of men to women.
After Tristan finished the race in 1:20 and I finished in 1:50 (as per Garmin) and 2:02 as per clock. To celebrate our respective victories we went to PF. Changs for some lunch. As we recieved the bill, I gave my 15% off card to our waiter. A few minutes later the manager, Kerry came back and handed me my card and asked which one of us was running the marathon next month. I acknowledged it was me and asked if she was running it (yes) and if she had run it before (yes, 2 times). I said I had run other marathon, but never Arizona but was looking forward to it, but I just have to make it through the Disney Goofy next week. During our chat, it sounded like she and I may be in the same corral (8) because our predicted time is about 5:30. We also chatted about how much nicer and easier any event is to run with others. Her first Arizona was with a team in training and the next year she returned to the race and ran into someone very early in the race whom she had run with her first year. They ended up running the marathon together. Perhaps I will see her and we will run together for a bit because she was very nice and friendly.
After returning home, Tristan and I cleaned the house a bit, did some laundry and completed some chores. I also continued my goal of getting my "core" strengthened and did 15 sit ups and 15 push ups (thus increased my counts for both 50%). I also took a few pictures of my medals outside. It was nice to see how many I have accumulated over the past 5 years (really it is the last 3 years that I have really become a proficient marathoner). At this point all my medals mean alot to me and have lots of memories. But someday I want to donate some of my medals to someone who it will be more meaningful (I think I have read there are hospitals that give out medals to cancer patients who are facing the battle of their lives--I think it would be cool to know that someone else might get so much more from a medal). This is my first step in trying to get mentally ready to do this.
Late afternoon Gilligan and I took our normal afternoon walk. After finishing this, I suggested to Tristan we use my Brusters coupon. I was excited about a huge waffle cone of frozen yogurt (which Brusters serves HUGE portions). We each got a large cone and Gilligan got his doggie scoop. It was a bit chilly so we ended up sitting in the car after Gilligan had his scoop. I also observed Tristan getting my frozen yogurt pie. After a few years in which my desires were mis-interpreted, I helped Tristan pick out my pie...But for all of you it will be a suprise!


CTmarathoner said...

Tammy --hope you have a great birthday tommorrow. sounds like you celebrated well today!! How ironic -must be the day of 10 milers. Frank and I also took a road trip to Norfolk, Ct for the Norfolk pub 10 miler --it was so much fun!! I wimped out of a 50K (will try to do one next weekend while you are in Disney) but this 10 miler was the toughest course --straight uphill on many snow-covered good strength workout. Save your medals for now. At least 10 of my NYCM medals have the twin towers on them, and i will donate them to the 9-11 museum, maybe, or give them to my kids. Keep them and enjoy them for now:) happy b-day!

elvoy said...

Tammy - I found donating my marathon medals to be just as rewarding as completing the marathon. Check out


Runner Tammy said...

Hi Emmy,

Thank you for your birthday wishes..I had forgotten how much I like 10 milers. I felt like I had barely started when the finish line came into view.

You make a good point about sentimental medals. I might partition my medals into one's that really are special/unique or mean alot and others that are less signficant.

It is really nice that you might be donating your NYC medals to the 9-11 museum. That definitely would add dimension to a museum.


Thank you for this link. I knew there was an organization that would accept medals (this organization was mentioned in Runners World this Fall, but I inadvertantly had given it away before noting the contact information).

Happy New Year,