Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Preview of the Disney Goofy Marathon

How I spend my time during the Disney marathon...they should have a warning about how much the marathon really costs (I spent about $15 on trinkets $10 on food and $5 on beverages at various locations, Tristan spent $20 on beer and brauts at Germany in EPCOT and my sister spent $10 on beer as well!)

Okay, I'll take this and charge it to the room. I sure hoped Tristan never checked our bill because I was slipping in expenses left and right

With my sister showing off our medals

With Chip and Dale striking a runners pose

With my sister in front of Cinderella's Castle. Cindy and I ran essentially the entire marathon together last year which was alot of fun! However, at about mile 23 I think my sister was going to kill me because we kept stopping for pictures, for random breaks and pretty much were doing everything except running! I think this is the perfect way to "run" a marathon.

Tommorrow, Tristan and I fly to Orlando for the Disney Marathon. I will be running various races this coming weekend with various family members (unlike the next weekend which so far I have not convinced my dad he could do a marathon with no training!).

On Saturday I may be running the half marathon with my sister and her friend Imelda (ie my JFK50 2007 and Umstead 100 mile 2008 crew). On Sunday I will be running the marathon with Tristan. I really enjoy this marathon particularly seeing all the characters, going through the parks and seeing my old (and most FAVORITE) workplace!

Starting Thursday, my friend Peter W. from the Reston Runners will be staying with us. On Saturday we get together for lunch/dinner with Lauri F. somewhere. My vote is for the Goofy Candy Company but Tristan, Peter and Lauri may not appreciate calling a caramel apple a meal. Their priorities are so messed up!!! I think I might be able to get Cindy on board with my definition of meals and Imelda is a wild card.
Well, I will post next week when I get back. Have a great week and Happy Running!


Lisa B said...

Hi Tammy! Happy New Year, and THANK YOU for sending email during my Across the Years race! That was very cool and very helpful in keeping me going. Very very much appreciated. :)

Excellent Death Valley pictures too!

Runner Tammy said...

Hi Lisa,

It was great fun "watching" you run your 48 hour race at Across the Years last week. You did an amazing job!

Now enjoy some much deserved rest and relaxation. And of course take some time to hang out with your critters!


CTmarathoner said...

have fun --your photos reminded me of last year's goofy challenge, which I did and loved (and you are right about the hidden costs-haha) -the only part i did not enjoy was getting up at 3:30 both nights:( -didn't realize that Tristan was such a good endurance runner:)

CTmarathoner said...

p.s. do you actually stop and buy things during the race?? That is too funny!!