Friday, January 30, 2009

The Wisdom of Co-Hosting a Full Day Presentation before a Marathon

Powder expressing her displeasure at it being winter. Or maybe yelling...."No, don't go away again mommy!"
A picture from the summer in which Powder, Sagwa and Zaboo were hanging out in our fenced yard.

Zaboo and Sagwa practicing their kayaking technique this past summer. It is good they are just practising because they clearly cannot figure out which is the top or the bottom! But from Sagwa's face you can see she is really enjoying the wind in her fur. And it kind of looks like Boo is simply along for the ride.

Today I spent the vast majority of my time on my feet presenting a vision and setting up a workshop which I am organizing in September. There were over 100 people in attendance, so it was fairly large. In my case, this vast majority of this meeting was "time on feet" (which is good training for my marathons and ultras) and 8 hours of speaking (which may not be so good for fact our microphone broke about 80% into the meeting and at that time I just had to speak REALLY loudly).

Hopefully by Sunday my voice is back because I have lots of cheering in me for the New Orleans Marathon! (Which apparently several times I mentioned was "only a marathon"...I preambled our meeting with, the meeting was scheduled to end by 4, I wanted it to finish by 3:30 and in fact ended before 3 because I needed to pack for my trip/marathon!). And in fact to get mentally prepared for New Orleans I gave the core committee Mardi Gras beads so they would stand out (and to get me psyched for this trip).


CTmarathoner said...

Tammy --Good luck this weekend at mardi Gras--Frank and I met a NJ guy at the Manhattan 1/2 --'Bo's 50 @50'-he is running 50 races for charity for his 50th b-day --he will be running the 1/2 and I told him to look for you.
Those cat photos are precious!!!!!!!You are so lucky to have a fenced in yard...mine don't want to go out --too cold.

Tom Grant said...

Yes, only a marathon. I noticed that viewpoint in the comment "your first endurance event". It reminds me of how I have to qualify statements with:"I dont run that well considering who I hang out with, just well for a regular person". Have fun, and a beignet for me.