Monday, January 19, 2009

A great concert by Smash Mouth and now off to Sedona

At the concert with my dad on my right side. The concert was in a very pretty outdoor venue (Beach park, which is along the salt river in Phoenix). Smash Mouth played many of their popular songs as well as some obscure songs. It seemed to me, their popular songs were heavily weighted in the latter part of the concert.
Arriving at the concert venue with my dad...lucky I am quick with the camera because my dad bailed from the concert very quickly. In fact I would be hard pressed to say he stayed more than 20 minutes. I guess it is lucky he did not ever drive me to a concert because after 2 songs we would have piled in the car and headed home. In fact I tried to get him up to speed on staying by mentioning Homer Simpson of "The Simpsons" took his kids to Lollapollazoo and ended up in the Mash Pit...since my dad asserts he learned his parenting from the Simpsons--which he sort of does, I thought he would be enticed to stay. But alas he left. The even sadder part is that I ended up walking 2 miles to the hotel and he took the Metro, cutting off about 1 mile. HURRMPHH!

Sunday night I took my dad to the post race concert (I had an extra ticket because of volunteering). He made it through 3 songs then bailed. Guess he did not appreciate Smash Mouth. I listened to the entire concert and the encore. They played their popular songs and several I did not know. For the encore they played "Running like the Devil" by Van Halen. Tristan, would have appreciated that. I also think they played another Van Halen song but I am not positive (that's why I take Tristan to concerts--I can name every runner, ultra distance race, and lots of running related stuff, but music is Tristan's expertise!).

Today, my dad and I are traveling up to Sedona. On our way we are going to Montezuma's Castle. Apparently I have been there. My dad is disappointed I have no recollection. Maybe later today my memory will be revived, but I suspect I was about 6 years old and at that age, if you've seen one Indian ruin, you've seen 'em all!


Tom Grant said...

Did your Dad run, or does he now? What does he think about your running? I am remembering what your goal was for him. Were you more sore for constant running,(no photo breaks)?


Runner Tammy said...

Hi Tom,

My Dad has not run far distances although I think he sporadically runs a few miles a few times a week during warmer months.

He is not thrilled at my running and during the EXPO kept mumbling things about marathoners being nuts:-) I think he just worries about my knees and overall health. There is alot of evidence running is very healthy and minimally damaging but he can find an equal number of articles that support his conjecture that I will be debilitated by running.

At Arizona, I did take a bunch of pictures (over 350), I just could not upload them until I got home (late last night). But now I am starting to insert them into my blog.

I would say I am equally "sore" whether I stop or not (although the only marathon I really do not stop much is George Washington Birthday which is coming up in just about 3 weeks--it's an 8 mile loop course in an agricultural center in Greenbelt MD). I also would suggest I am not too sore after a marathon anymore, it really takes a 50 miler before I would use sore to describe what I feel. At Sedona my dad an I hike fairly extensively on a variety of terrain with almost no difficulty. My only challenge was getting out of the bucket seats in the rental car.

Have a nice day,