Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Birthday-a small summary

My birthday cake from was mint chip frozen yogurt. And since my favorite colors are green and pink, the icing/decoration is this color.

Bruster's frozen yogurt is really good. In the spring, summer and fall Tristan and I go there nearly every week on Thursday for cheapie Banana split night (if you BYOB- bring your own banana)
My slice of pie...sadly this is relatively small because I already had 2 donuts, a chocolate dream from Carraba's and this piece of pie. Clearly my training for a eating contest is not going well!

Today I accomplished some of my goals a hike, meeting up with my sister, a trip to Fractured Prune and dinner at Carraba's but some goals I did not do: ice skating because I could not find my old ice skates--from the 1980's!

Regardless I would say my day was very successful. I even had two pieces of cake. One at Carraba's and one at home. Therefore I was able to make two wishes. I hope they both come true. One I learn about within a week and one in about 2 months. But even if my two specific wishes do not come true, I know I am incredible lucky to have such a full life with great family, friends, my health, freedom and ability to do so much.


CTmarathoner said...

happy birthday Tammy --that cake looks so good!!!

Jamie Donaldson said...

I love your hair cut! You may shave an hour off your hundred time :)!

Runner Tammy said...

Hi Emmy,

My cake was so good!!! Okay it still good but we're down to about 1 "Tammy" slice (which is about 4 other people slices). Next year you should come here to celebrate with me!


Thanks for noticing my haircut...oddly enough it took Tristan about 4 hours to notice. Although several other haircuts he did not even notice at all. By the way, if just a 1 inch trim cuts off an hour of my 100 miler time, if I cut off all my hair will I be running sub-16 hour hundred milers? :-)