Friday, January 16, 2009

Thoughts about the Rock n Roll Marathon

With my friend Christine and her friend I think Sarah (Chrisitine is a young lady from Germantown, MD I did a long run with back in Nov. and had run several times with at the Fleet Feet Thursday night fun runs--I knew she was running the Disney Marathon but considering there are 20,000+ runners I did not necessarily expect to see her). She passed me at mile 16 and I never saw her again (this is when my time started to be REALLY adversely impacted by rides and activities--within about 2 minutes of this picture I had a bathroom break then went on the thrilling roller coaster Expedition Everest; because had it not been in that order it would have been bathroom break during Expedition Everest:-)

Just a few hours to my trip to Arizona and I get even more excited by the minute. I wonder who I will meet, what friends are there who I will run into and what sort of fun activities await me during the race. I know it has a 7 hour deadline but I don't think I will be able to surpass Disney's 7:00:55 time! In fact in discussions with several Boston qualifying friends, technically my marathon was 7 hours (and in fact I had 4 seconds to spare:-)

I know I will have an amazing time and look forward to posting my experience and pictures when I get back next Thursday. Perhaps if I get to a free internet I will post a quick update (with my father there is a strong likelihood we end up in a library, which by the way typically have free internet to everyone! In fact we learned this in Boulder CO which has one of the prettiest libraries I have been in)

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