Monday, January 12, 2009

Quick Summary of the Disney Goofy

A trip to France is so the way I REALLY would not reccommend kissing anyone after 24 miles no matter how romantic it seems!
At Magic Kingdom the first day of the race (half marathon)

On the Expedition Everest around mile 17 of the was AWESOME (and I was fast tracked to the front of the line;-)

Enjoying a cool refreshing Pina Colada at mile 24 at the was so yummy!

This may be the most embarrasing picture I have ever had...this turtle was "bookin" and passed me in our little 1:1 race! It truly was a turtle with a mission.

This past weekend, Tristan and I flew to Florida so I could run the Disney Goofy Marathon (half Saturday and full Sunday) for the 4th year in a row. I accomplished my goal of finishing and had an EXCELLENT time (well not excellent time per se because half=3:20 or so and the full was just over 7 hours! In fact after a quick look at the results, even my chip time was over 7 hours, specifically it was 7:00:55! I guess I should not have changed out my film right before the finish line--sadly my camera holds only 809 pictures, which I went through).

I saw many friends including Joe C. from Canada (Niagara Ultra, JFK 50, Death Valley, Las Vegas...), Jean E. from Maryland (24 hour race, New Hampshire, etc.) and met so many new friends.

During the half marathon I took many pictures with the characters, bought a trinket and really enjoyed my experience.

During the marathon, I took pictures with the characters, took pictures of the motivational signs, went on rides, bought food and bought trinkets. It was AWESOME!!! I will write more later. In the meantime enjoy some pictures from this event.


CTmarathoner said...

congrats!! You did it again-finished the Goofy and had an 'excellent time'--love the photo of the turtle passing you:)
You definately made the right decision to go to AZ -supp. to be bitterly cold this weekend...

Runner Tammy said...

Hi Emmy,

There's still time, you could join me. And I believe my favorite airline (southwest) flies from Connecticut!

I will keep my fingers crossed that the weather is not as cold as they predict.

Anyway, if Umstead is bitterly cold, your training runs and races will prepare you so much better than my fair weather events!