Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Packed for Florida?

Disney Goofy Marathon is less then 4 days away. I have yet to pack; however, on a positive note I am still sort of packed for Death Valley/Las Vegas. This means I have summer clothing and running gear already in my backpack and suitcase.

Tommorrow Tristan and I will be heading to Orlando and I expect I will not have much time to post to this blog. In the meantime, please feel free to enjoy pictures from Death Valley!

And for those of you getting ready to sign up for Badwater, good luck! I will not be applying this year (the rejection from last year is still a fresh wound which I have not gotten over :-) Just kidding, Badwater conflicts with Vermont 100 and I was only 6 minutes over 29 hours thus I feel sub 29 hours in 2009 if I just focus! Oh yeah I need to fire my crew: Tristan. He's a good chauffer, but as a crew he sets the bar low then starts digging!

Death Valley Vacation 2008

Death Valley Marathon 2008

Thanks to my friend Jamie I now can post more pictures (using a link to Flickr) of my marathons and exploits:-)

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