Thursday, January 22, 2009

Highlights of Sedona

Near Montezuma's Well, an Indian Ruin that is near a spring fed water body. Because it is spring fed, the water is a balmy 65-70 degree's, which was rather pleasant to wade in. So we sat there and enjoyed a short break there.

At Red Rock Slide State Park, a swimming hole along Oak Creek in Sedona. You can see I am grimacing in pain from the water. It was bitterly cold. This park is at about 5,000 feet in elevation but even worse, it is about 2 miles down stream from where there is snow/ice in the river. Sadly we did this park, then drove up river a bit and learned about the snow that was contributing to Oak Creek.
Me standing 2 miles upstream from Red Rock Slide State Park looking at the snow. It was pretty deep here and I imagine even deeper futher up river. Now wonder why I thought my feet were going to fall off after about 10 seconds in the water!

By some red rock formations in Sedona. My dad and I hiked moderately extensively in Sedona and saw a variety of different features. My shoes are now completely covered in red dust as are my clothing (particularly my pants since I did a bit of scooting). In fact I have 3 sets of pants that are red rock dust dad has only 1 pair, since he was "traveling light" and wore the same outfit pretty much everyday (ewww!!!)

Enjoying a swing along one of our hikes. It was a rather impressive swing and lots of fun. There was another swing along that same route that went over the stream/river, but my dad and I choose not to partake. It probably would have been alot of fun during the summer.

This past week, my dad and I had our first official "father-daughter" vacation in over 10 years. I think we had good times (at least I did). Although I learned my dad sleeps in massively (7 a.m. everyday...most days I was awake by 5 and up before 5 or 6--two days I "slept in" to about 6:30 and one of these days was because the room did not seem to have heat so I was shivering under the covers thinking warm thoughts).
We did many hikes and by the end of my trip, my Garmin suggested I had traveled about 62 miles on foot between the marathon and our hikes. We hiked (walked really) to Indian Ruins, Up to an arch, along a river, and around and up a Butte. I would suggest 4 or 5 more days at Sedona might have been helpful, but now I know where to go (and where not to).

My biggest excitement was seeing a bobcat during a sunrise stroll I had taken on the last day of our trip. On two occasions I was able to dip my feet in water. One time it was spring fed water and thus very nice. The other time was in Red Rock Slide (a highly recommended tourist attraction that looks like alot of fun in the summer but in the winter is snow fed...with snow just a mile or two upriver!!!). I definitely would recommend Sedona as a fun place to go!


CTmarathoner said...

It is tough to even LOOK at these photos as I stare out into the snow...looks like you are having a wonderful trip:)

Runner Tammy said...

Hi Emmy,

Sadly I am back in cold MD/DC (and my dad is back to NY). There was a dusting of snow on the ground, although today I think will be all gone with the 50+ degree temps predicted for this afternoon.

But on a positive note, only 8 days until I get to New Orleans and 14 until Texas...Thank goodness Southwest flies me south cheaply:-) You know they fly out of Hartford, right?

Stay Warm,