Friday, January 23, 2009

A few more pictures and comments about the Arizona Rock and Roll Marathon

This sign along the course completely cracked me up...the only better sign might be up by Buffalo about not shaking the Dew, cause it makes it angry!

By the way, it is too bad this sign was not around in the 70's because my parents thought a bowl haircut was a good idea. This same set of parents dressed me in bell bottoms and still lack fashion sense!

I love crowds that support all the runners....thus they suggested "GO TAMMY" (looking closer you can also see the comment "get that rabbit" and "Do it for the beer!"). Their sign was pretty amusing.

With my friend Larry during the race...I think Larry is stalking me because last year I saw him about 10-15 times at a variety of races all over the place (Maryland, Vermont, Delaware...)

With a Bunny along the course...I guess I did catch the bunny like the sign suggested.

Once of the aid Stations was manned by nerds. They had all sorts of signs including this one about mm to the finish, then 894564 inches to go and even 7.36 X 10-3 power parsecs to go... They really took their nerdiness to the next level and embraced it with gusto!

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CTmarathoner said...

that is really fun to see 'Larry' at different races --can't believe you are going to New orleans and texas??
I am going to Sanibel island, FL Feb 6-13 --no races planned, but want to take advantage of the warmth. I had wanted to do rocky racoon but the flights didn't work --now happy not doing it because not in shape for a 100 -going to be a stretch for umstead.:((! anthony and wayne are going to RR..