Thursday, January 29, 2009

Am I Southwest Airlines Biggest Fan??

This weekend I will be making what seems to be my weekly pilgrimage to BWI airport for another trip via Southwest to warmer places. I am really excited about New Orleans and know I will have lots of fun running, exploring and of course eating!

One of the reasons I like Southwest so much is that 99% of employees are very humorous, pleasant, upbeat and cheerful. I appreciate this in a company because it mirrors my personality (I think...well except when I am kept up after 10 p.m. then I turn into the Grinch!)

Below I have copied some of my drink coupons. These coupons crack me up. You will see southwest kindly provides conversation starters and stoppers. In addition to being good for a flight, these are probably good suggestions for business meetings. Perhaps I will implement these suggestions in some upcoming meetings:-)
The conversation stoppers are pretty amusing...if you cannot read it I suggest you consider investing in a pair of glasses! Just kidding, simply click on the picture to read the suggestions.

The conversation starters are less humorous but they are pretty good idea's for any situation in which you want to get to know a person in an interesting way.


red velvet kate said...

Hi Tammy!

I'm on the Southwest Airlines Emerging Media team and wanted to say thanks for being (one of) our biggest fans! I couldn't help but wonder if you are running in the New Orleans Mardi Gras marathon this Saturday? I myself am running with my parents...yikes! I'm afraid they are in better shape than me. If you are, look for a redhead wearing a SWA shirt huffing and puffing. (Or sitting on the sidelines eating a beignet.) And please feel free to visit our blog and leave a comment or two:

Thanks for flying Southwest: we always LUV to hear from our Customers!

Runner Tammy said...

Hi there,

I am flying to New Orleans this coming weekend (then Texas the following weekend) of course on my favorite carrier "Southwest"!

I will keep my eyes open for you. Maybe we can share some beignets on the course!


Runner Tammy said...

By the way, I will be wearing a Southwest plastic bag until I warm up...Southwest really watches my back in so many ways:

1) hydration (gotta love the free drinks)
2) keeping me warm and dry (gotta love the plastic baby seat bags) and
3) getting me to my race (gotta love the ride)!